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Benefits of Automation

Automation is all around us and clearly there are savings to be made with regards to labour, but how else can businesses benefit from automating their materials handling operations? Here we talk to Dan Wood, our Automation Sales Manager, about the benefits.

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Will AI prove a smarter option than UWB? Or do both technologies have a role in warehouse safety?

If you believe the more alarmist headlines, AI poses the biggest threat to human existence since atomic scientists created a weapon that could destroy the world. Whatever energy system you are currently using, we can offer some helpful tips on how to get the best from your energy supply.

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Common misconceptions surrounding automation

In this blog, we talk to Matt Shacklock, our Automation Sales Manager about some of the misconceptions surrounding the automation of materials handling.

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Getting the best from your energy supply

The choice of energy system has become an increasingly important factor in intralogistics, with particular attention being paid to the Total Cost of Ownership. However, it’s not just the purchase price that plays an important role when buying a forklift truck, but also the operating costs and therefore the energy costs. Whatever energy system you are currently using, we can offer some helpful tips on how to get the best from your energy supply.

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How the modern warehouse is improving with technology

In this Blog we talk to Kenny Watson, our Intralogistics expert to find out how the modern warehouse is improving with the latest materials handling technologies, to become more efficient and sustainable and how materials handling technologies can improve outcomes even in uncertain times of fluctuating demand.

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Is my fleet fit for the future?

Right now, digitalisation is changing the world of materials handling. Fleet managers can have access to full visibility of their entire MHE fleet in real time to efficiently optimise their utilisation at the touch of a button. Paperwork and complex internal processes are a thing of the past with a digital workplace.

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Exploring the world of energy

This month, we’re exploring the world of energy. Our team interviewed Tracy Clarke, our Energy Sales Manager for the UK to find out more…

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Monitoring your Forklift Tyres for optimum performance

As part of your daily forklift checks, tyres are an important component to consider and should be regularly checked for signs of wear and damage. Some key areas to consider are the surface tread areas, the sidewalls and the point at which the tyre fits to the wheel.

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Accelerated automation will lead the response to logistics trends in 2023

One of the biggest concerns for logistic companies in 2023 will be to accelerate plans for automation in response to labour shortages and demands for greater efficiencies, not least around carbon emissions. Companies no longer need persuading of the benefits of equipping warehouses with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous technologies, according to Kenny Watson, Senior Manager - Intralogistics Solutions, at Linde Material Handling UK.

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Is your fleet ready for Winter?

When busy periods approach, it’s always prudent to prepare your fleet. With the prospect of colder weather, particular attention should be given to fork lift trucks operating outdoors. Poor preparation for the Winter can ultimately result in downtime when trucks are required most and more worryingly, accidents if trucks are not maintained correctly.

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Safety in operation

To ensure safe and efficient operation of materials handling equipment it is essential that the right personnel are selected to operate and maintain it and are thoroughly trained in their duties.

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Tips for purchasing used trucks online

As with any purchase over the internet, caution must be taken, however a piece of equipment such as a forklift truck adds in further complications and considerations. There are certain critical criteria that should be taken into account to prevent a costly mistake or potentially more serious consequences First, what make of truck should I look at? Not all forklift trucks are equal as some will naturally age better than others. Choose a well-known reliable brand that has a reputation for longevity and reliability.

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Trends in Automation within the Material Handling Sector- An Established Solution or One For the Future?

Automated solutions have been used in the Material Handling sector for decades and the earliest ASRS systems (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) have been dated as far back as the 1960s. Whilst these systems were originally designed for heavy-pallet loads, advancements in technology have enabled these systems to handle much smaller loads – allowing increases in efficiency and a greater density of warehouse storage.

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Safety in Automation

Following our automation webinar, we saw an influx of questions from attendees wanting to know more about the safety features in an automated Linde solution. You'll find the answers here!

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Is your fleet flexible enough to cope with the unexpected?

The past year has seen a huge challenge for fleet managers. Economic uncertainty due to Brexit, together with peaks and troughs due to Covid has made managing materials handling fleets a nightmare for many.

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Pre-Shift Check Posters

Download and print these pre-shift check posters as a reminder for your operators!