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Pallet Stackers

Flexible warehouse assistants
Pallet Stackers from Linde Material Handling measure the weight of the load

Quick and agile in tight warehouse environments

Suitable for any transport distance and stacking height: Linde has a wide range of electro pallet stackers for loads between 800 and 2,000 kilograms. Their strengths can be utilised anywhere requiring fast work and where safety is of the highest order, even if there isn't much space available. That's why these pallet stackers, with their narrow chassis, are not only agile, but handle the load with particular precision.

In addition, they shunt and accelerate with precision without jerking and are energy efficient. Their modern drive control makes that possible. And: high performance drive technology ensures rapid transport of the goods. The ergonomic tiller head enables efficient and fatigue-free work, as users can reach its elements easily and operate the truck intuitively.

Service technician from Linde Material Handling with cases

Servicing made easy

Linde designed the pallet stackers according to the principle of maximum availability with minimum service costs. That is why these trucks, overall, are very stable. Encapsulated electric parts, a robust chassis and maintenance-free three-phase motors increase their life span. Servicing is required only once a year, depending on use.

A digital multi-function display keeps the operator informed of the current truck status. The display provides information on the battery charge level, operating hours and maintenance status. A warning light also shows when the service is due.

During servicing, the service technician also profits from the stackers construction and technology. There is a CAN bus system, which ensures rapid diagnosis of the service data by laptop. Using this, the service technician can also adjust the performance parameters to the relevant use. In addition, they can reach all of the relevant forklift components very easily behind the motor cover. This also shortens servicing time.

Reliable in daily use

Whether loading or unloading trucks or picking orders in cramped warehouses, the use of electro pallet stackers lets you take advantage of fast processes. Linde focuses on the protection of the operator, so that these processes run as safely as possible. For example, there is a long, deeply attached tiller which provides a suitable safety distance between the truck an the operator. The tiller has a resistance shortly before its end-of-stroke to avoid unintended braking. In addition, a reset damper prevents the tiller returning to the vertical position too quickly when it is released.

The SafetySpeed function is also particularly important for safety: It automatically adjusts the speed according to the tiller position. The design of the tiller handle and the deep lower edge of the chassis protect the operator from injury. The mast and the chassis are rounded and have no sharp edge on which the operator could injure themselves.

Precise handling, even under difficult conditions

The pallet stackers from Linde are right at home in tight warehouse spaces. Compact truck dimensions and the agile tillers form the ideal basis for this. Then there are the custom-fit technical features like the creep speed function. It enables manoeuvring at 1.5 km/h with the tiller in vertical position. Ideal for very tight spaces. The Soft Landing function prevents wear and tear on the fork carriage and protects the load when lowering. Linde has also equipped the truck with an optional initial lift. Loading ramps, gradients or uneven floors are then easier to manage.

Effortless and ergonomic manoeuvring

The topic of ergonomics is particularly important for pedestrian forklift trucks. They are often used under difficult conditions for short and medium distances. So the operator can control the truck with the least possible effort, Linde has equipped it with servo supported electric power steering. It provides good truck manoeuvrability. It can be handled without effort. In addition, the high torque motor generates smooth acceleration and a booster effect increases the torque as needed, meaning even the most difficult driving situations are easily mastered.

Speed and easy handling are the focus of the developers

Would you like to shorten dispatch times at the truck bays? The handling capacity in the warehouse or in retail is supposed to increase? Then the quick and easy to handle pallet stacker is right for you. Linde is constantly working on further developments; in battery technology, for example. In addition, the ergonomics, the low-maintenance design and the active and passive safety are constantly the focus of the developers.

Pallet stacker from Linde Material Handling loaded with goods

5 x more output

More agile

Pallet stackers from Linde have a narrow structure, smooth steering and high performance drive technology. This makes them particularly agile.


Deep-seated tiller, lowered chassis and good visibility through the mast. These factors ensure safe transport and order picking processes.

More precision

With the help of the ergonomic and intuitive control unit, handling is very precise, sensitive and agile.

More cost-effective

Linde has optimised many details to make the service process run more quickly. This includes easily accessible components and a CAN bus system for the easy analysis of the truck data.

More robust

The trucks are very strong and stable. The low centre of gravity and the high residual load capacity contribute to this.

Tailor-made trucks

Every order picking or transport job is different. This is why Linde offers numerous equipment variants, even in the standard versions. Whether as pedestrian or platform variants, with various operating concepts or various lift mast designs, such as triplex or initial lift, there's a perfect solution for every need. Linde also provides individual special versions or additional equipment with its sales partners.