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Forklift truck

The number one choice
Forklift trucks from Linde Material Handling are the number one choice for intralogistics.

The forklift truck is the number one choice for intralogistics. Both versatile and powerful, the industrial truck is ideal for transporting and handling goods in warehouses, production sites and outdoor areas.

Linde Material Handling has been successfully providing the perfect forklift truck for every industry and application for over 60 years. The range of trucks Linde offers is unparalleled, with a selection that comprises 77 series with up to 382 model variants and over 10,000 equipment options. The guiding principles behind all of Linde’s products are productivity, safety and ergonomics.

Forklift truck: Electric forklift vs IC truck

Electric forklift or IC truck? That is the key question for every warehouse and production facility. Above all, it is the application area that determines the choice of forklift truck: Electric forklift trucks are ideal for use inside the warehouse as they produce zero emissions or engine noise. Internal combustion forklift trucks are often used in outdoor areas as it is easier to supply energy in the form of gas or diesel in these areas. IC trucks are extremely robust and can therefore withstand even the most severe weather conditions.

Linde electric forklift trucks

Linde offers an extensive range of electric forklift trucks, which can handle loads of between 1000 and 8000 kilos. Their strength lies particularly in their precision and agility, providing the utmost handling performance. Linde has developed powerful drive technology with highly responsive traction control for lifting and transporting loads quickly and easily. All the models of electric forklift truck from Linde are user-friendly and come with a maintenance-free compact axle, allowing the operator to perform millimetre-precise manoeuvres.

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E30 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling
H16 IC truck from Linde Material Handling

Linde IC trucks

With its internal combustion forklift truck, Linde has been setting the standard for productivity and efficiency for many years. The portfolio of IC trucks covers a load bearing capacity of 1.4 to 18 tons. The combination of hydrostatic drive, dual-pedal control and Linde Load Control enables the operator to perform every lift and manoeuvre with the utmost precision and speed. The efficient power transmission and intelligent control ensure that the IC trucks always have plenty of power available.

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A new standard of forklift truck: The Linde H20–H35 diesel forklift truck in use in the warehouse

H20–H35: Perfection down to the last detail

The H20–H35 diesel and gas forklift truck is the first of Linde’s new generation of forklift trucks which is setting new standards for performance, ergonomics, safety and connectivity. This forklift truck provides the best solution to the material flow challenges of today and tomorrow. The tried-and-tested hydrostatic drive system forms the technical basis for the trucks, transferring the power of the industrial motor to the drive wheels and lifting hydraulic system with zero loss. The robust design also ensures a long service life with low maintenance requirements.

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Factory-fitted forklift truck: New forklift trucks for purchase

Advice on financing your forklift truck

Those looking to acquire a new Linde forklift truck will receive a financing option tailored to their individual requirements. This ensures the perfect ratio of costs to benefits. Buying new is not the only solution: Linde also offers leasing, rental, hire purchase and short-term rental options.

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Forklift truck with ‘life experience’: Approved used trucks

Start-ups in particular, as well as companies in their growth phase or with varying operating times for forklift trucks are always looking for opportunities to meet their specific requirements both reliably and economically. Here, Linde’s approved, systematically refurbished used forklifts offer a high-quality and cost-effective alternative. The seamless truck and service history, and careful inspection when the forklift truck is returned, mean that Linde only selects the very best equipment for its programme of approved used trucks.

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Ignition lock of a Linde approved used truck

Forklift truck on loan: Linde rental trucks

Linde rental truck in use

In many situations, renting a forklift truck can be the more cost-effective alternative to buying a new forklift – for example, for seasonal order peaks or in preparation for large events. The Linde rental service is not just about quick delivery of the forklifts and equipment you urgently require – you will also be provided with all the advice and flexibility you need. This way, companies can take advantage of our flexible solutions to help them out during busy periods.

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A Team of forklift trucks: Linde fleet management

Think of how much you can do with one forklift truck – and now imagine what you can achieve with a whole fleet. However, cost-effective fleet management is essential. This involves identifying fault-prone trucks, for example, or trucks that are overloaded or not working at full capacity. With the Linde connect fleet management system, Linde provides precisely the information the fleet operators need for efficient deployment of their forklift trucks, regardless of location and fleet size, whether new or existing forklift trucks or other manufacturers’ products.

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How our forklift trucks work

Strengthening your intralogistics

The forklift truck is a true all-rounder when it comes to internal goods handling and transport. Thanks to their special features and various equipment options, Linde’s IC and electric trucks have been providing a reliable service to a wide range of industries for several decades. Linde is dedicated to this role and finds the right truck and fleet solution for every new logistics application.

Forklift truck design

The key design features of every forklift truck are the mast at the front and the counterbalance at the back. The fork carriage has two prongs, which are adjustable in terms of distance and can be lifted via the hydraulic system.

Forklift truck design diagram

1: Pulley 2: Mast 3: Hoisting chain 4: Fork carriage 5: Fork 6: Engine/battery compartment 7: Counterbalance 8: Overhead guard with overhead tilt cylinders

Forklift truck drives

When buying a forklift truck, it is not just the purchase price that plays an important role but also the operating costs and therefore the energy costs. Alongside combustion engines and lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells are increasingly being mentioned among the preferred solutions. Linde Material Handling offers cutting-edge technology and services for every energy system.

With four energy systems, Linde has the perfect solution for every logistics requirement:

Combustion engine

Internal combustion forklift trucks offer an advantage over other systems: Thanks to their large ground clearance, they are ideal for use on uneven floor surfaces. Above all, they also boast an impressively powerful engine performance.These IC trucksare available from Linde.

Lead-acid battery

Electric forklift trucks with lead-acid batteries are still very popular for multi-shift applications in which battery change is possible, or where the forklift trucks are not constantly pushed to full capacity. This applies, for example, to retailers who only need the truck for loading and unloading for a few hours each day.These electric forklift trucksare available from Linde.

Lithium-ion battery

With theLithium-ion technology(Li-ION) from Linde, costly and time-consuming battery changes are no longer required, as the battery can also be charged in the interim during short breaks.

Fuel cell

Forklift trucks withfuel cellcan be filled with hydrogen in one to three minutes. Thanks to their high availability, fuel cell forklifts offer a great advantage in tough multi-shift operations in particular.

A brief history of Linde forklift trucks

With the H20–H35 IC trucks, Linde sets new industry standards for counterbalanced trucks.

2019: New generation of IC trucks

With the high-performance, agile and networked IC trucks in the1202 series,Linde sets new industry standards for counterbalanced trucks.

Linde Material Handling celebrates the production of its 111,111th electric forklift truck.

2017: Electric forklift truck number 111,111

Linde celebrates the production of its 111,111th electric forklift truck from the 386 series. The E12 to E20 trucks were launched in 2006.

Sabine Neuß gives a speech on the occasion of delivering the 750,000th Linde Material Handling forklift truck to the customer.

2014: 750,000th forklift truck and first WoMH

Linde celebrates the production of its 750,000th forklift truck. The first World of Material Handling (WoMH) attracts more than 6000 professional visitors.

Linde Material Handling forklift truck with fuel cell drive in front of a hydrogen tank

2009: Forklift truck with hybrid drive and fuel cells

Linde presents its first prototypes with alternative drives. Since 2010, Linde has become the first manufacturer of industrial trucks in Europe offering off-the-shelf fuel cell powered trucks.

Forklift operators master the course of the 2005 Forklift Cup in a Linde Material Handling forklift truck

2005: Championship for forklift operators

The inaugural Forklift Cup takes place. More than 1500 operators participate in the first German championship for forklift operators.

Forklift truck from Linde Material Handling’s 351 product line lifting pipes.

1985: The King of forklift trucks

The 351 series revolutionises the world of forklift trucks. The diesel forklift truck sets new standards in design and handling performance in the ‘premier class’ of trucks with a load capacity of 2 to 3.5 tonnes.

Linde Material Handling’s first electric forklift truck

1971: The first ever electric forklift truck from Linde

The first ever electric forklift truck from Linde celebrates its world première at the Hanover Fair in 1971.

The first forklift truck from Linde Material Handling – the Hubtrac

1959: The first Linde forklift truck

The success story behind Linde’s forklift trucks begins in 1959: The Hubtrac is the first forklift truck with hydrostatic transmission.