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Logistics Fleet Management

The networked fleet
The connect fleet management system from Linde Material Handling

Make your fleet management intelligent

Digitisation is changing the world of intralogistics. Modern logistics devices continuously collect data, which is analysed and can then be used to optimise complex warehouse and transport processes. Networking and advanced sensors even enable the forklift trucks to act autonomously. The result: the fleet and fleet management becoming intelligent, and networking and real-time data access becoming increasingly important.

The Linde connect fleet management system provides precisely the information that you need for efficient fleet management. Whether it is in production or the warehouse, connect networks your forklift trucks and continuously informs you of the current status of the entire fleet.

The connect product family from Linde Material Handling makes fleet management digital.

Your benefits in fleet management


Keep an eye on the status, capacity utilisation and availability of the entire fleet, for optimum capacity utilisation of all forklift trucks.


Prevent unauthorised use, operating errors and other hazards in a targeted manner, for increased safety in the warehouse and in production.


Record and manage the data of your operators and forklift trucks, prepare reports and organisational structures, for transparent fleet management.


Reduce accidents, overuse and damage to the forklift trucks and keep an eye on the necessary maintenance, for an efficient and well-maintained fleet.

Linde connect:desk software

The connect:desk fleet management system provides clear access to all your fleet data. The software is used to manage forklift truck and operator data and enables effortless compilation of reports.

From forklift truck and operator management to maintenance and assignment planning, right through to monitoring and analysis of all forklift truck data, connect:desk is the centrepiece of your fleet management. The software is intuitive in its operation and it is therefore suitable both for experienced fleet managers and casual users who only require individual functions.

The right infrastructure – transmission technologies


The data is transmitted directly from the forklift truck to the database within the WLAN network.

Mobile communications

The data is sent to the database via the mobile communications network.

Current software version:

connect:desk 2.7.4

connect:composer 2.3.19

Variable function modules

The requirements for fleet management systems are often very specific: Every business offers a different working environment for the industrial trucks. You can therefore combine the individual function modules of Linde connect to form one system that optimally meets your individual requirements.

  • Via connect:ac operators control access to their fleet and allow for a safe and simple forklift truck check before every assignment.
  • connect:dt documents deployment duration, accidents and functional capability of the fleet forklift trucks.
  • With connect:an fleet managers analyse and monitor the capacity utilisation and performance of their fleet. The module also assesses the status of the battery and detects possible operating errors.
  • With connect:zi, Linde Safety Guard safety zones with speed adjustments are networked for forklift trucks. The size of zones and maximum speeds can be set via the software and interactive hall layout reports increase transparency throughout your fleet.

connect:desk in detail

The dashboard of the connect:desk fleet management software from Linde Material Handling is the communication hub of the program.


The dashboard serves as the communication hub for connect:desk. Fleet managers can use individually adaptable widgets, such as the calendar, forklift truck notifications and accesses, to monitor and inspect their fleet. All messages can be forwarded to them directly by email if necessary.

The operator, job location, assigned forklift trucks and other information are edited in the organisation area of the connect:desk fleet management software from Linde Material Handling.


In the organisation area, fleet managers can edit the operator, job location, assigned forklift trucks and other information. The hierarchically structured list display offers an overview of the organisational structure and simplifies the assignment and management of access and usage rights.

Large volumes of data are managed in the administration area of the connect:desk fleet management software from Linde Material Handling.


Tables, detailed views and various input elements enable flexible viewing, maintenance and expansion of large amounts of data. For example, operator licences, training and health checks can be managed with ease.

Fleet managers plan zone areas and accesses in the zones area of the connect:desk fleet management software from Linde Material Handling.


In the zones area, fleet managers use their own warehouse or plant plans to plan and configure zone areas and accesses and define automated speed adjustments if necessary. For example, forklift truck speed is controlled in a targeted manner at crossings or in narrow areas, which increases safety.

Login reports

The log book provides an overview of all recorded events for the individual forklift trucks. The pre-op check table lists all pre-op checks carried out for the selected forklift trucks as well as the associated answers from the operators. Interactive diagrams show unusual charging levels and logouts and can be grouped according to operator and forklift truck. This allows fleet managers to see exactly who used which forklift truck and when.

Usage reports

The usage analysis provides an overview of the usage and capacity utilisation of all forklift trucks. The interactive diagram shows how long and for what purpose the operators have used the selected forklift trucks. It also lists shock values, the progression of the battery charge status and the distribution of the zone passages.

Maintenance report of the fleet management software from Linde Material Handling

Service reports

The service area lists the service and maintenance dates for all fleet forklift trucks. On this basis, fleet managers can bundle maintenance dates in a targeted manner and reduce costs.

Coordination report of the fleet management software from Linde Material Handling

Coordination reports

The coordination category provides data about operators as well as the usage and capacity utilisation of all forklift trucks. The forklift truck distribution provides an overview of the composition of the entire fleet, organised according to manufacturer, forklift truck type and other criteria. The fleet lists all forklift trucks with their most important characteristics. All training carried out and outstanding for the operators can be found under operator training.

Hardware components for smooth fleet management

The Linde connect hardware components connect the forklift truck fleet with the associated database software. They collect and transmit control and sensor data and make them available for further processing. They also serve as an electronic ignition lock with PIN or RFID identification.

New trucks are delivered with the Linde connect hardware as standard, and all components are also available as retrofit solutions for existing forklift trucks and those from other manufacturers.

connect: Chip from Linde Material Handling

Professional advice and support

Linde consultant with customer at site

All your components from one source: Experts from Linde and Linde dealers help you to set up, adjust and operate your fleet management. The Linde connect hardware and software components are continually being enhanced and having new functions added.

Fleet management – FAQ

What is fleet management?

Fleet management allows a company’s forklift truck fleet to be controlled centrally. This mainly involves optimising the availability of the individual forklift trucks and coordinating the distances that are travelled. Modern forklift trucks continuously collect data for this purpose, which provides information about your status and current capacity utilisation. Fleet management helps to make optimum use of resources and detect problems such as capacity bottlenecks at an early stage.

For whom are fleet management systems relevant?

Fleet managers have the task of planning forklift truck deployment in advance, optimising processes and reducing the operating costs of the forklift truck fleet. The requirements for fleet management differ from company to company, as they are very much dependent on the size of the fleet. Modern fleet management software ensures that you can get the most out of any fleet size. It benefits the experienced fleet manager just as much as the casual user who only requires individual functions.

What makes Linde fleet management so special?

With the Linde connect product family, Linde Material Handling offers the perfect solution for modern fleet management. Linde connect networks forklift trucks and constantly updates the fleet manager about the status of their logistics in production or warehouses. This transparency makes deploying the fleet safer and more cost-effective. The availability of each individual forklift truck increases.

Simple coordination of jobs and operators

The Linde Truck Call app simplifies the allocation of transport jobs within the fleet and streamlines communication between fleet managers and operators significantly.

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Simply well done

How smaller logistics fleets can also benefit from digital solutions is shown by the example of the Reitz Group. The manufacturer of industrial fans has recently started using the new Linde Truck Call App.

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Schenker takes full control of its forklift truck fleet

DB Schenker has full control of its forklift truck fleet thanks to Linde’s innovative fleet management system Linde connect.

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