Your digital fleet management system

Logistics 4.0

Digitisation is changing the world of logistics. With growing volumes of data and networking in the industry, logistical processes are becoming increasingly complex. Forklift trucks can sometimes even act autonomously and communicate thanks to an array of sensors—the fleet is becoming intelligent. Fleet managers control processes in real time and achieve significant rates of increase in movement of goods.

With the connect: fleet management system, Linde provides precisely the information the fleet operators need for efficient deployment of their forklift trucks, regardless of location and fleet size, whether new or existing forklift trucks or other manufacturers’ products. Get to know the connect: world of products and teach your forklift trucks to speak.

connect: The path to an intelligent fleet

The connect: product family networks forklift trucks and constantly updates the fleet manager as to the status of their logistics in production or warehouses. This transparency makes deploying a fleet safer and more cost-effective. The availability of each individual forklift truck increases.

Fleet manager looking into PC with connect: fleet management software

The advantages of connect:

More cost-effective

  • Identification of underused and overused forklift trucks
  • Identification of fault-prone forklifts
  • Improvement of the logistics processes
  • Increasing availability of the forklift trucks
  • Early identification and documentation of bottlenecks
  • Recognising overcapacity and reducing or avoiding it

Highest degree of safety

  • Rule out unauthorised use of forklift trucks
  • Limit intentional misuse and irresponsible driving
  • Recognising and removing hazard spots in forklift truck traffic
  • Automated speed adjustment in defined zones
  • Early detection of operational limitations of the forklift truck
  • Increasing awareness of responsibility and competence

More transparency

  • Clear assignment of operators and forklift trucks
  • Administration of operator's licenses, training and health checks
  • Representation of the organisational structure in fleet management
  • Detailed usage and consumption data for each forklift truck
  • Individually configurable, informative reports

Optimal service

  • Reducing substantive damage
  • Track maintenance intervals
  • Avoid overuse of individual forklift trucks
  • Prevent key loss
  • Early detection of damage to the forklift truck


The connect: hardware components connect the fleet to databases and software.



The connect: software: provides comprehensive access to all fleet data.



You can combine the function modules of connect: to form one system that optimally meets your individual requirements.