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Linde solutions for maximum added value

Every company has its own individual needs and basic requirements, whether financial resources, business processes, general technology and safety standards, infrastructure or IT systems. Each type of use requires something different from products and solutions.

Well-designed products and solutions that meet one hundred percent of a company's own individual requirements is Linde Material Handling's strength, whether customer-specific truck solutions, fleet management and automation, leased- and used-vehicle business, financing and service packages, or advice on material flow planning, fleet optimisation or safety.

Short term rental

Linde rental trucks provide a cost-effective solution for when you are faced with bottlenecks or need industrial trucks on a temporary basis.

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Approved trucks

Linde Material Handling approved used trucks have successfully passed an eight-stage testing and refurbishment process.

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Automation solutions from Linde can be deployed flexibly and in a scalable manner – in order to automatically handle either individual steps in a process, or complex material flows.

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Fleet management

The fleet of the future will be better connected, more efficient and safer. The digital fleet management system connect: from Linde provides the right solutions for this.

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With leasing, rental, rent-to-own and short term rental, Linde offers flexible financing options for forklifts and warehouse technology.

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