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Linde Forklift Solutions
ic-truck with roll clamps

Every company has its own individual needs and basic requirements, whether financial resources, business processes, general technology and safety standards, infrastructure or IT systems. Each type of use requires something different from products and solutions.

Well-designed products and solutions that meet one hundred percent of a company's own individual requirements is Linde Material Handling's strength, whether customer-specific truck solutions, fleet management and automation, leased- and used-vehicle business, financing and service packages, or advice on material flow planning, fleet optimisation or safety.

Forklift Hire

The hire service from Linde Material Handling gives customers a simple and flexible way to hire forklift trucks. With a rental fleet of more than 60,000 trucks worldwide, Linde has the perfect solution for every requirement. The rental trucks are available quickly and in the usual Linde quality.

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Used & Reconditioned Forklifts

Linde Material Handling certified used forklifts have been remanufactured to the Linde Certified standard

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Logistics Solutions

Recognising the changing market dynamics and customer demands, we have established Linde Logistics Solutions, a specialist unit dedicated solely to helping customers with their complex materials handling needs. Linde Logistics Solutions' team of experienced experts will work together with you to undertake complex projects to yield operational efficiencies, improve productivity and better utilise both equipment and labour resources.

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Logistics Fleet Management

Linde connect provides fleet operators with precisely the information that they need for efficient and safe fleet management.

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With leasing, rental, rent-to-own and short term rental, Linde offers flexible financing options for forklifts and warehouse technology.

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