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Linde Logistics Solutions

Our world is changing

Our world is Changing

As consumers, we are becoming ever more demanding of the delivery process of the goods we buy. We are continually in search of quicker delivery times, lower prices and more flexibility. A more demanding world needs more innovative solutions. Here at Linde we are driven to help you implement intelligent systems and processes that ensure the flow of material in and around your business is quicker and more efficient than ever before.

Recognising the changing market dynamics and customer demands, Linde have established Linde Logistics Solutions; a specialist unit dedicated solely to helping customers with their complex material handling needs. Linde Logistics Solutions' team of experienced experts will work together with you to undertake complex projects that will yield operational efficiencies, improve productivity and better utilise both equipment and labour resources.

Comprised of Robotics & Automation, Storage Solutions and consultancy services, Linde Logistics Solutions have the most comprehensive range of products and services to meet your needs.

Storage Solutions | Linde Material Handling

Ensuring the right amount and type of racking, combined with the correct trucks is fundamental to smooth operations. Our versatile range of storage solutions gives you the flexibility to optimise the space in your warehouse to suit your individual needs.

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Stratos - 3D Warehouse Planning & Simulation

Discover how our 3D warehouse planning and simulation system can analyse all levels of your warehousing project, provide optimum storage layouts and also a detailed view of your warehouse operation using dynamic simulations of pallet throughputs, order picking rates, truck movements and their consequent energy consumption.

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