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Warehouse Automation Software
Networked warehouse with software for intralogistics and automation

Integrated warehouse automation software solutions are becoming ever more important in modern intralogistics. Firstly, for collecting data and key figures that are used as the basis for sound corporate strategy decisions, and secondly, to analyse, optimise and automate all goods, information and resource flows. The visualisation and real-time control of complex material flow processes is making the warehouse of the future more efficient than ever.

Whether manual, semi- or fully automated, block or high rack warehouse: Linde Material Handling warehouse software solutions offer a wide range of possibilities for improving the efficiency of your process flows and making tangible savings. Regardless of whether you have just started looking into the topics of digitalisation and automation, or if you have already taken the first steps: our warehouse management software solutions let you get the most out of your warehouse.

Linde iQ – For First Time WMS Users

Linde iQ Automation Software Solution

Linde iQ is a streamlined and economical Warehouse Management System (WMS) for entry into digital warehouse management. It economically and efficiently manages all warehouse processes, from the receipt of the goods through to storage and dispatch. You can use Linde iQ to coordinate your forklift truck fleet and automatically process all transport tasks. The inventory management application provides full transparency of the capacity utilisation of the warehouse, while an order picking function helps you combine orders. It can easily be connected to ERP systems and automated conveyor technology.

Who needs Linde iQ?

Linde iQ is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises that want to move away from manual warehouse management. The standard version of the WMS software is limited to the core features that beginners need for intelligent digitalisation. At the same time, Linde iQ lays the foundation for the gradual automation of all warehouse processes. From autonomous trucks through to automated conveyor technology or a fully-automated high rack warehouse, the system can be gradually adapted to the company’s growing need for automation. Interfaces and user guidance always stay the same.

Linde iQ software functions

  • Complete management of different storage areas
  • Clear user interface with intuitive control
  • Connection to existing IT systems
  • Connection to automated systems (conveyor systems, racking systems)
  • Efficient storage and retrieval strategies
  • Intelligent order picking strategies
  • Connection to mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, scanners, etc.)

Linde iQ at a glance

  • Perfect for entering the world of WMS
  • Full transparency of the current stock
  • Automatic order processing
  • Adapts to increasing automation requirements

RELAG – Transparent WMS Solution

What can RELAG do?

RELAG is a forklift guidance system that specialises in the storage processes in large block warehouses. It enables precise goods and pallet identification and ensures efficient material flows and reliable goods tracking. The automatic localisation means that the system always knows where a forklift is currently located and the specific goods that it is transporting. If a package is stored incorrectly, the WMS software notifies the operator of the error and documents the incorrect position. RELAG generates a three-dimensional map of the entire warehouse on which the current position of every load unit is stored.

Who needs RELAG?

RELAG is perfect for companies that operate a block warehouse or have a large fleet of forklift trucks. Besides completely transparent goods storage, the system is ideal for coordinating the routes of large fleets of forklift trucks. All of the routes in the warehouse can be stored in the software. The system uses this information to calculate optimum routes, avoid empty runs and complete trips efficiently whilst also saving energy.

RELAG key functions

  • 3D visualisation of the entire warehouse
  • Reliable goods tracking with real-time localisation
  • Efficient management of transport orders
  • ABC and XYZ analysis of stored goods
  • Connection of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, scanners, etc.)
  • Available in 18 languages

RELAG at a glance

  • Absolute traceability of all goods in the block warehouse
  • Error reduction during storage and retrieval
  • Optimised use of the entire forklift fleet
  • Reduction of empty runs

Warehouse Navigation Interface – High Rack Warehouse WMS Software

What can the Warehouse Navigation Interface do?

The Warehouse Navigation Interface is a useful addition to the Linde Warehouse Navigation. The Warehouse Navigation ensures that very narrow aisle trucks find the most efficient route between two points in the high rack warehouse at the push of a button. The truck’s Warehouse Navigation software uses the Warehouse Navigation Interface to communicate with your Warehouse Management System. This means that the target coordinates for the next trip do not have to be entered manually, as they are fed directly into the truck’s navigation software.

Who needs the Warehouse Navigation Interface?

The Warehouse Navigation Interface is a genuine asset for all operators of high rack warehouses who already use Linde Warehouse Navigation. Once the operator has completed an order, the forklift truck automatically receives the next one. The target coordinates for the goods that need to be moved next do not have to be individually entered in the system. This saves time and considerably increases the handling volume.

Warehouse Navigation Interface functions

  • Interface between the WMS and trucks
  • Automated navigation in the high rack warehouse
  • Efficient management of order lists
  • Available in numerous languages

Warehouse Navigation Interface Advantages Overview:

  • Direct connection to the existing WMS
  • Optimum warehouse navigations to reduce travel time
  • Reduction in error rates
  • Higher handling volume in the high rack warehouse

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