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Electronic compact drive for precision and performance
Linde Material Handling electric forklift trucks with compact axle drive

Versatile, comfortable, and cost-effective

Linde Material Handling offers a wide range of electric forklift trucks for loads weighing in at between 1000 and 8000 kilograms and for virtually any application from the worlds of industry and commerce. These trucks really shine thanks to their precision and agility, which together combine to ensure high handling performance.

In order to be able to transport loads quickly, Linde has developed powerful drive technology with sensitive traction and incredibly precise steering. The entire range of Linde electric forklift trucks feature a maintenance-free compact axle with two independent wheel motors, allowing the truck to be manoeuvred down to the last millimetre via the dual pedal control.

Linde electric forklift trucks offer both comfort for the operator and cost-effectiveness, and all with Linde's trademark safety concept. This includes, among other things, a robust protective zone for the operator and the optionally available Linde Safety Pilot driver assistance system that provides extra safety when handling loads.

In focus: compact axle

The Linde compact axle drive brings together two powerful, maintenance-free three-phase motors and the Linde standard dual pedal control, maintenance-free oil bath disk brakes, and a hydraulic lift motor. Encapsulated completely against the ingress of dust and contamination, the unit boasts power steering and economic, safe, precise, and totally smooth load handling.

Located at each end of the axle, both motors are based on high-performance Linde AC technology. As well as ensuring outstanding precision in the transporting of loads, the compact axle also offers exceptional energy efficiency. This is due to the smart performance components integrated directly into the axle itself, meaning short cable routes and a minimum of electronic transfer points.

A Linde electric forklift truck axle

Energy managed effectively

Linde electric forklift trucks boast an intelligent energy management system that ensures the trucks are able to draw optimal driving performance and long-lasting durability from their drive batteries. This system includes a precise residual charge display, battery temperature monitoring, and a quick charging procedure.
Every Linde electric forklift truck is built in such a way that the electronic modules for controlling load handling and the drive are easily accessible, meaning they can be serviced conveniently.

Ergonomics for fatigue-free work

Linde electric forklift trucks are designed in line with ergonomic considerations for fatigue-free work – something that goes far beyond just ample leg room and adjustable seats. For example, the control joysticks for load handling are located in the armrests of the electric models, allowing them to be operated with just the fingertips, easing strain on the back.

The forklift models feature optional rotating operator work stations, that minimise strain on the spine when reversing, while dual pedal control means that the operator no longer has to shift their feet to change the direction of travel, and the cab is specially insulated against shocks and vibrations.

In focus: Active and passive safety

Linde electric forklift trucks are designed with optimal safety for the operator and their surroundings in mind. Driver assistance systems such as the optional Linde Safety Pilot alert the operator of overloading or travel speeds dangerously excessive for the current load.

Good all-round visibility as a result of specially encapsulated lift masts make the trucks safer to use, as does the Linde Protector Frame: a uniquely constructed protective zone to guard the operator against falling loads, consisting of a solid connection between the cab roof and frame.

Driving electric forklift truck technology

In the intralogistics sector, the medium-term trend is moving toward forklift trucks with electric drives. As a result, Linde Material Handling is driving forward innovative technologies in every area of this truck class. This includes, for example, battery technology, the energy efficiency of the drives, and charging cycles.

However, aspects such as ergonomics, active and passive safety, and sustainable selection of materials, too, are always at the focus of Linde engineers' designs, as are the topics of tomorrow, such as networked fleet management and autonomous logistics trucks.

Five times the output


Linde electric forklift trucks are precise, effective, and powerful thanks to their compact axles and the lift mast, controlled by a joystick at the operator's fingertips.


The specially designed enclosed protective zone for the operator, optimised visibility, and electronic driver assistance systems all make electric forklift trucks safe working environments.


All electric forklift trucks are controlled using intelligent energy management that ensures optimal battery use and high levels of availability.


With its maintenance-free three-phase motors and disk brakes, the drive's compact axle forms a sealed – and therefore protected – unit.


Linde electric forklift trucks are exceptionally comfortable to work in, with adjustable, suspension seats and an ergonomically designed control layout.

Tailor-made Trucks

No Linde electric forklift truck is a standard solution: In addition to the standard equipment, each and every model is delivered with optional additional features. These include different load fork variants, driver assistance systems, special cold storage facilities, and auxiliary hydraulics that can be used to operate external equipment. Swivel seats and external LED working headlamps are also among the special equipment options, as are load backrests, sun visors, and the Linde BlueSpot warning light spot.