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Buy, lease, rent – maximum flexibility
Group picture with Linde tractors and platform trucks

Save costs and conserve capital – with financing solutions from Linde

Our tailored financing plans – such as leasing, rental or rent-to-own – ensure that your company uses its capital optimally, and that your fleet remains up to date with the latest technology at the lowest possible cost. The goal is to have the solution meet the individual requirements of your company – even looking beyond purely financial considerations and regardless of whether you need a single truck, several vehicles or an entire fleet.

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Our range of supplementary services is diverse

  • Individual servicing or full-service packages
  • Amalgamated fleets with new and used vehicles
  • Provision of replacement vehicles in the case of longer maintenance downtime
  • Initial consultation for the optimisation of operating procedures and safety standards
  • Linde experts analyse and evaluate the composition of your existing fleet
  • Retrofitting of existing vehicles with equipment to enhance safety, efficiency or ergonomics.
  • Long-term management of contracts and requirements for companies with multiple sites


Use trucks instead of buying them – and at low costs too

Do you need to use forklifts or warehouse technology trucks in the medium or long term? Then we recommend a leasing agreement with individual terms for fixed monthly instalments – protecting you against depreciation and interest. This does not tie up capital, and keeps you flexible on your balance sheet.


  • Low financial burden, thanks to a calculation of residual value based on use
  • Conservation of banking credit lines for other investment purposes
  • Reduction in corporate taxes thanks to leasing rates as business expenses


For use with service included

Do you need a forklift in the medium to long-term, and simultaneously value the continuous availability of your fleet, with no risk? The Linde Rental Package offers you the advantages of a leased forklift, plus a complete maintenance and repair service at a fixed monthly rate. You have the certainty that your vehicles are ready to go at all times, and are able to foresee the costs in the long term.


  • Guaranteed operational readiness thanks to monthly instalments
  • All servicing and repair costs covered from the start
  • Affordable monthly instalments through cost-effective preventative maintenance

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From using a truck to purchasing one

Hire purchase is the appropriate choice if you ultimately want to own the vehicle, and thus would like your use of it to be combined with a purchase. With individually arranged payment plans and fixed hire purchase rates, this model functions similarly to purchase on credit, with flexible balance sheet organisation.


  • Buying on credit, thus none of your own capital is used in the purchase
  • Accounting as a rent-to-own opens up options for subsidies
  • Discretionary agreement of terms allows instalments to be optimised cost-effectively

Short term rental

For short-term use

Do you only need a forklift now and then, or only for one single use? Logistics vehicles can be hired from Linde for hours, days or weeks. With or without an operator, at fixed or variable prices. With more than 40,000 vehicles, Linde offers the largest short term rental fleet in Europe – and the greatest variety in choice.

Find out more about our short term rental service


  • Flexible coverage for every type of logistical need
  • No investment of capital necessary, protecting your balance sheet
  • Reduced taxes thanks to deductible monthly instalments

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