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Holistic energy solutions from Linde Material Handling

The right energy system
Linde pallet stacker with Linde li-ion batteries in use in the warehouse

To rise to the business challenges of the future, you need to optimise how you use your energy today. That is why more and more companies are asking which energy system will best enable them to square productivity with environmental protection. The motto in intralogistics is: Maximise efficiency, reduce costs, increase sustainability.

Andreas Kistner in a consultation at the WoMH

From our many years of experience, we know that the “one size fits all” does not work. That is why we at Linde offer a comprehensive portfolio of different drives, batteries, chargers, and software tools, and tailor them to your individual goals. We provide expert consulting services to ensure that individual factors such as fleet size, network infrastructure, work processes, and production targets are taken into account.

Whatever the optimal solution for you is, be it a classic combustion engine, lead-acid battery, lithium-ion drive or fuel cell. With us, you get the best technology for your needs – for maximum performance and sustainability.

With optimal advice for the optimal solution

Every company has different requirements and expectations. That’s why Linde takes a holistic approach to energy consulting. We analyse where you’re starting from, taking into account aspects such as fleet, operations, infrastructure and sustainability goals, and focus on specific requirements rather than individual technologies or products.

We help you to choose the right drive system, support you with resource planning for your trucks, provide a tailor-made design of your energy infrastructure, and optimise your charging cycles. This brings a number of advantages:

  • Up to 40% reduction in energy costs
  • Optimisation of the availability of your fleet
  • Avoidance of power peaks in the power supply
  • A simplified charging process for your operators
  • Support in achieving your sustainability goals
  • Better use of your own energy sources

Energy Quick Check

Use our Energy Quick Check to take stock of your company’s energy systems quickly and easily. Find out which technologies are suitable for your application in just a few clicks. Give it a go now:

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Which energy system do you currently use predominantly in your fleet?

Combustion engine
Lead-acid batteries
Lithium-ion batteries
Fuel cells

How large is your fleet?

1–5 trucks
6–20 trucks
21–50 trucks
More than 50 trucks

Which shift model do you use?

1-shift model
2-shift model
Multi-shift model

Are short breaks during operation possible for recharging or refuelling?

Maximum one interruption per shift
Several pre-scheduled interruptions
Flexible interruptions possible at any time

Where are the trucks operated?

Only indoors
Only outdoors
Indoors and outdoors

How intensively are your trucks used?


What is the average utilisation rate of the trucks?

Less than 1000 operating hours per year
1000–2000 operating hours per year
More than 2000 operating hours per year

Would you invest more money for a more sustainable energy system?

Yes, sustainability is very important for my company.
Sustainability and profitability should be balanced.
No, profitability is the top priority.

Which factor is ultimately decisive for your purchasing decision?

Low initial investment
Low energy costs
The optimal technical solution for my individual requirements

Energy Quick Check

Combustion engine (diesel, CNG or LPG) 0%
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Overview of our energy systems

Li-ION technology

Lithium-ion batteries have a high energy density and deliver up to 30 percent more power than lead-acid batteries. They can be recharged at any time, which enables flexible 24/7 use without the need to change batteries. A multi-level safety system ensures maximum performance even under difficult conditions.

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Fuel cells

Fuel cells convert hydrogen into electricity, without emitting any CO₂. The trucks can be refuelled quickly and easily, which guarantees maximum availability. Fuel cells are maintenance-free and therefore offer a long-lasting, reliable solution.

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Lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries are a cost-effective and reliable energy system based on proven technology. Easy battery replacement makes the trucks ideal for round-the-clock operation. You are guaranteed to find the truck that best meets your requirements in our wide range of models.

Diesel engine

Our fuel-efficient diesel engines guarantee high handling capacities and maximum availability even under the toughest conditions. To reduce CO₂ emissions further, the trucks can be completely or partially powered by biofuels without additional conversion.

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Gas drive

Gas-powered forklift trucks combine the power of an internal combustion engine with lower emissions. They are particularly quiet and provide a pleasant working environment. Owing to the lower exhaust emissions, gas forklifts are also suitable for indoor use. Depending on the model, they may be operated using either a propellant or natural gas.

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Linde forklift with the inscription eMission ZERO

Everything from a single source, everything from Linde

The integration of truck and energy system is a key factor in the energy efficiency and performance of forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment. That is why we offer pallet trucks and stackers, tow tractors, reach trucks, electric forklift trucks, order pickers, narrow-aisle trucks, tugger trains, and our automated trucks with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and the associated chargers from our own development and production. It is also why we developed our own hydrogen technology and now manufacture the drive system for our pallet stackers and trucks, electric forklift trucks, tractors, order pickers and tugger trains with fuel cells.

You can find the right Linde truck for your specific requirements here.

Charge management

Laptop with dashboard of Linde’s connect:charger

The connect:charger from Linde is an intelligent charge management system for electrically powered industrial trucks. It networks multiple chargers to monitor and coordinate current power consumption. The availability of the trucks in the overall process is largely decided at the charging station. However, charging several trucks at the same time can lead to peaks in consumption and thus to high costs. Linde offers an efficient solution with the connect:charger.

Energy at work

Electric forklifts in their element

First came one test machine, then another two were added, and the aim is that soon, the entire fleet of 8-tonners will be powered by environmentally friendly lithium-ion technology. At leading mineral water producers Gerolsteiner, the Linde E80 offers impressive proof that electric forklift trucks have no trouble matching up to their combustion-powered equivalents.

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Unbeatable handling and zero emissions guaranteed

With the ultimate goal of electrifying their entire fleet in the future, the specialists at Liebherr have tested the E160 electric forklift truck in action over the course of several weeks.

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An internal combustion stronghold converts to electric

It started with E and continues with X: the company Westfälische Drahtindustrie (WDI) is pushing for a switch from internal combustion to electric forklift trucks at its central German plant in Hamm. The Linde X50 puts in a convincing performance during the four-week field test, even with heavy loads.

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System: changed

How do you make your intralogistics more economical, cleaner and more sustainable? For Emons Spedition GmbH Germany, the answer was crystal clear – by switching from LPG forklifts to lithium-ion units in the general cargo warehouse in Großbeeren.

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System: changed

How do you make your intralogistics more economical, cleaner and more sustainable? For Emons Spedition GmbH Germany, the answer was crystal clear – by switching from LPG forklifts to lithium-ion units in the general cargo warehouse in Großbeeren.

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Between charges: opportunity charging

More flexible, cost-effective and robust: in the highly frequented general cargo warehouse in Heilbronn, the Fritz Group has switched its industrial trucks from lead-acid battery operation to modern Linde lithium-ion technology.

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A thirst for innovation

Anyone brewing and bottling millions of hectoliters of Pilsener beer, shandy, malt beer, apple beer and other mixed beer beverages needs powerful intralogistics systems to get the drinks into the market. C. & A. Veltins, a brewery with a rich tradition, has put its faith in forklifts from Linde Material Handling for this demanding role.

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