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Explosion protection in intralogistics

Safety first for hazardous environments
Explosion-proof forklift from Linde Material Handling with explosion-proof design

No matter whether you work in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, logistics or recycling, potentially explosive mixtures of gases, vapours and dust are created in numerous industries. Industrial trucks that are used in these hazardous zones must guarantee comprehensive explosion protection. At the same time, they need to be just as efficient and ergonomic as in any other area of intralogistics.

Explosion protection from Linde Material Handling is geared towards precisely these requirements. Explosion-proof versions are available for numerous counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks, pallet stackers and pallet trucks, which comply with EU regulations (EN 1755) and the ATEX Directive (2014/34/EU). Linde can provide the right truck solution for the relevant processes. This means that the material flow can be processed efficiently and ergonomically even in explosion-protected conditions.

The entire explosion-proof range from Linde Material Handling

Explosion protection from A to Z

Linde offers a large selection of its series models as explosion-proof trucks, suitable for various ATEX zones and tailored to the particular requirements of various industries.

Five industry examples of explosion-proof trucks from Linde

Chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

In addition to warehouse and transport movements, in the production departments of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, liquids and solid materials are decanted, mixed and refined. Linde provides the right trucks for the specific requirements of each of these process steps. For example, the drum cradle helps to decant a liquid such as isopropanol safely and precisely. Using a remote control, the operator can control the tipping process from a safe location with an optimum view of the drum, for example from a bridge. The quantity is measured by an integrated scale.

Chemicals environment for explosion-proof trucks

Food and beverages

Explosive gas or dust mixtures can be generated in food and beverage production. For example, highly flammable vapours may form due to evaporation during distillation and storage in wooden barrels. When transporting barrels, there is also the additional complication of the operator having a restricted view. Fortunately, for the ATEX zone, Linde also offers comprehensive safety features, including a camera, red warning lines and BlueSpot™, plus automatic speed reduction when there are approaching trucks thanks to the Linde Safety Guard assistance system.

Beverage industry environment with explosion risk


Hazardous substances are stored and transported throughout the production process, from the storage of raw materials and the transport for further processing right through to the transport and storage of the finished products. These logistical processes take place in the production plants, but substances are increasingly also being stored in external warehouses by logistics service providers. In this area, a high turnaround speed is just as important as safety. In addition to electric forklift trucks, Linde offers reach trucks and very narrow aisle trucks for quick and efficient storage and retrieval in ATEX zones 2/22.

Storage environment with risk of explosion

Oil and gas

Trucks are frequently used outside in oil and gas extraction facilities, refineries and petrochemical facilities. Internal combustion counterbalanced trucks are used here due to varying floor conditions and large distances. Due to their robust design and ergonomics, the ATEX version of the H50 and H60 IC trucks are ideally suited to these applications and ensure fatigue-free driving comfort. In internal areas, electric forklift trucks with a high lifting capacity are the best choice.

Explosion risk in the oil and gas industry

Recycling and the military

Hazardous substances are decanted, drums are emptied and containers are transported during disposal and recycling. The Linde E25 – E35 electric forklift trucks ensure safe and ergonomic handling for these applications. ATEX-certified attachments such as drum clamps help with the disposal process. Military uses of industrial trucks frequently involve the transport of explosive materials or the disposal of ammunition. Explosion-proof trucks from Linde provide a safe solution in this area.

Disposal of waste

The right protection for any potential hazard

The extent to which there is a risk of explosion in a production area or warehouse depends on two factors: firstly, how much hazardous material combines with oxygen to form a flammable compound. Secondly, the presence of an ignition source, such as sparks or hot surfaces, which in certain circumstances could trigger an explosion. Due to their electrical and mechanical components, industrial trucks can become an ignition source, which is why special equipment is a mandatory requirement in environments where there is a risk of explosion.

Linde offers certified explosion-proof trucks for all environments in which an explosive atmosphere occurs occasionally (zone 1/21) or temporarily (zone 2/22). The specific requirements are stipulated in the ATEX Directive (derived from the French term “Atmosphères Explosibles”) based on the zone type, the group of explosive gases and dusts, and the temperature class. As an experienced explosion protection partner, Linde carries out all the necessary certifications and conducts extensive quality checks on the trucks. Alongside the individual assemblies, Linde also certifies the entire truck for zone 1 and zone 21.

Explosion protection warning sign for ATEX zones

Complete explosion protection from a single source

Linde believes that users should get all products and services from a single source. This applies in particular to the specialist area of explosion protection. Linde offers complete explosion protection packages that satisfy all statutory requirements. Even after delivery, Linde is on hand with a broad service network. Service technicians trained according to international explosion protection regulations ensure that trucks are ready for operation at all times. As with the provision of spare parts for series trucks, service partners worldwide also provide spare parts for explosion-proof trucks from a supply which is available 24/7.

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Series trucks with added explosion protection

The explosion-proof trucks from Linde combine the tried-and-tested advantages of series-produced trucks complemented by tailored explosion protection measures. Electrical components such as the engine, controls, sensors, switches and displays are protected using various ignition protection measures.

The mechanics are also fully protected. Spark formation is prevented on forks, brakes and hydraulics. Plastic components, such as foot mats and tyres, are protected against electrostatic charges. In addition, temperature monitoring ensures that temperatures remain below the maximum limit even when the truck is fully loaded.

Christophe Lautray, Chief Sales Officer
Many people don’t notice that they are looking at an explosion-proof truck to begin with. Comfort and operation are identical to the series models. The differences have no effect on performance.

Christophe Lautray, Member of the Executive Board, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Linde Material Handling

Innovative technologies with explosion protection

Due to the close collaboration between the Linde Series Development and Explosion Protection departments, innovative assistance systems, safety features and special equipment are made available in the shortest possible time, including for use in ATEX areas. Users can choose from a variety of features and systems. This means that fleet operators are able to offer their teams the same level of operating comfort and safety for both standard and explosion-proof trucks. These uniform equipment standards help to prevent accidents.

Examples of safety solutions for ATEX zones

BlueSpot in pressure-resistant housing

BlueSpot in flameproof housing

The blue spot projected onto the floor warns pedestrians and other forklift operators when trucks are approaching.Find out more about BlueSpot here.

Red warning lines mark out a safe protective frame around the truck

Red warning lines for ATEX zone 2/22

Red warning lines give pedestrians a strong visual signal to keep a sufficient distance from the forklift truck.

Fleet management hardware in pressure-resistant housing

Fleet management hardware in flameproof housing

The Linde connect fleet management system allows for active access control and use analysis.Find out more about the Linde connect fleet management system here.

Marked ATEX zones help to avoid collisions in the area

Safe operation in ATEX zones

Even with high safety standards for forklift trucks and the fleet, collisions can still occur due to restricted vision, distraction or other factors. This can have considerable consequences in ATEX zones in particular. TheLinde Safety Guardhelps to minimise this residual risk. The assistance system detects hazards and automatically adjusts the speed of the trucks involved. A reduced speed can also be stipulated for a particular ATEX zone or an entire hall which is designated zone 2/22. The Safety Guard also enables access restrictions to be applied for ATEX zones. Operators of non-ATEX trucks are alerted to the approaching ATEX zone by a creep speed function and visual signals.

Simple and precise drum handling

Drum handling is one of the most common applications for explosion-proof pallet stackers. Linde offers both a manual and a remote-control solution for the safe handling of drums. Both versions are suitable for hazard zones 1 and 21.

Advantages at a glance


Explosion-proof trucks from Linde offer a safe, ergonomic and comprehensive solution. They comply with the ATEX Directive and are in no way inferior to the series models when it comes to handling power or cost-effectiveness.


You can also rely on our strong service network when using our trucks in a potentially explosive atmosphere. Our service technicians are extremely well trained in line with international explosion protection regulations.


We always ensure that our leading technological assistance systems and innovations are available with explosion protection. So that all our customers benefit from increased safety and comfort in their daily material handling operations.

No matter whether you already have experience of hazardous zones and the relevant requirements, or whether you are still on the look-out for suitable solutions and the right advice, we’re happy to help you on the path to greater safety.

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