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Energy saving tips from the industry experts

Getting the best from your energy supply
Trends in Automation within the Material Handling Sector

The choice of energy system has become an increasingly important factor in intralogistics, with particular attention being paid to the Total Cost of Ownership – or TCO, for short.

However, it’s not just the purchase price that plays an important role when buying a forklift truck, but also the operating costs and therefore the energy costs. Each application has its own requirements. These include aspects such as indoor or outdoor use, the space requirement for refuelling or charging, energy costs, and environmental sustainability.

This is why, alongside internal combustion engines and lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries are receiving a growing amount of attention as one of the preferred solutions. We offer the latest technology for every energy system, alongside a wide range of models, comprehensive advice and services.

Whatever energy system you are currently using, we can offer some helpful tips on how to get the best from your energy supply.

Do you use electric trucks with Lead Acid Batteries?

Remember to fully discharge a lead acid battery down to 20% remaining charge before recharging. This extends the life of the battery.

A “tried and tested” energy solution, lead acid technology is ideal for electric forklift trucks and warehouse trucks with medium to low utilisation. Lead-acid trucks are more cost-effective than IC trucks with substantially lower running costs (fuel and servicing) and are also perfect for indoor use.

Do you have a Linde IC Engine Truck?

Linde IC trucks are highly fuel efficient consuming 30% less fuel than competitors and the long 1000 hour intervals between services leads to reduced down time.

Did you know that our IC trucks have a patented hydrostatic transmission? They boast exceptionally economical engines which can operate for many hours without interruption. Hydrostatic drive for greater handling performance

Speak to your Linde engineer to ensure auto shutdown (if fitted) is activated to further reduce fuel consumption and energy costs!

Additionally, many Linde trucks have different operating modes. Performance mode has all parameters set at or near maximum, whilst Efficiency and Economy modes reduce specific performance parameters (acceleration, reversing speed, lifting speed) lowering fuel consumption whilst leaving productivity relatively unaffected.

Switch to ECO mode

Place Linde trucks into ECO mode to conserve fuel/energy.

Linde ECO mode has its maximum effect on engine trucks because the cost of a full tank of diesel or a full gas bottle is much greater than the cost of recharging a traction battery, but it will still increase the energy efficiency of electric power trucks. ECO mode is designed to have a greater effect on fuel or energy consumption than the small reduction in productivity that results.

Improve Operator Habits

Work with your operators to use trucks in a more efficient way – reduce speeds, eliminate any double handling, limit travel distances by changing traffic routes around the site and consolidating tasks.

If you feel that your operators are in need of a reminder of how to use their trucks productivity and in an energy-saving manner, courses are available are your site or at a nearby Linde location Forklift Training with Linde

Switch to electric trucks

Linde electric trucks have a high efficiency rating and offer both comfort for the operator and cost-effectiveness, and all with Linde's trademark safety concept. These trucks really shine thanks to their precision and agility, which together combine to ensure high handling performance. Electric compact drive for precision performance

Consider your charging schedule

Configure charging time profiles so that charging takes place in electricity off-peak times.

If you are considering a switch to lithium-ion for example, or need help in deciding on the right energy source for your application, our quick energy check is available to guide you. Energy systems for every occasion