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Ready for Winter?
Is your fleet ready for Winter?

Tips on how to prepare

For many, the lead up to Christmas is one of the busiest times of year and although we’re not there yet, in just a few weeks, the clocks will go back, and the weather will start to turn.

When busy periods approach, it’s always prudent to prepare your fleet. With the prospect of colder weather, particular attention should be given to fork lift trucks operating outdoors. Poor preparation for the Winter can ultimately result in downtime when trucks are required most and more worryingly, accidents if trucks are not maintained correctly.

There are some simple checks you can do now to ensure your fleet is ready for a cold spell:

• First, are your trucks due a service? Ensure your maintenance schedule is up to date and, if not, book a service.

• Are your operators familiar with working in icy conditions? Could they benefit from additional training?

• Do all the truck lights work?

• Do the windscreen wipers need replacing?

• Are oils and lubricants topped up?

• Do your tyres need replacing?

• Are there any hydraulic hose leaks?

Once these checks have been made to your fleet, you should think about the environment in which they work. Do you have suitable stocks of salt or grit to ensure your working environment is safe? Perhaps a snow-plough attachment would be a prudent purchase? This is perhaps a good time to fill in any potholes or areas where the road surface is breaking down – freezing conditions will only make these areas suffer further damage as we go into winter.

Last but by no means least, your operators, of course, should not be forgotten. They need to be warm and comfortable working in the cold and should be provided with the appropriate clothing. If your trucks are not fitted with cabs, canopies can be added to keep your operators dry when working in wet conditions.

Don't forget your operators!