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Order Pickers V modular

Modular vertical order picker

Pick orders efficiently at any height

The V modular vertical order pickers from Linde Material Handling offer the operator an ergonomic working area and intuitive operation. In addition, the cushioned cabs, low entry height and low railing aim to prevent fatigue and make picking easier. The high lifting and travel speeds of up to 13 kilometres per hour also ensure a high picking output. Linde adjusts the truck to the customer's individual picking tasks on the basis of a modular system. The vertical order pickers reach picking heights of up to twelve metres. Depending on the model, they boast a lifting capacity of up to 1200 kilograms.



The truck can only be moved if the operator is touching the sensors on the control unit with both hands and activating the dead man's switch in the foot well. This reduces the risk of both operating errors and injury. The electrically monitored side barriers must be closed for platform heights of 1.2 metres and above in order to ensure the operator is safe. An emergency lowering valve under the rear cover is easily accessible even in narrow aisles. Scanner option on the front and rear monitor the route and stop the truck if there are people or obstacles in the way. The service technician can define general travel, lift and lowering end stops in the truck system in order to make collisions with ceilings or walls impossible. The specially designed mast allows for particularly good visibility, therefore contributing to safe operation.

  • Three point operation
  • Electrically monitored barriers
  • Emergency lowering valve under rear cover
  • Pre-adjustable travel, lift and lowering end stops
  • Excellent visibility through the mast


The vertical order pickers have an ergonomically shaped control panel and generous cab. The floor of the spring-mounted platform is covered with a soft mat, which absorbs vibrations during movement or lifting and therefore prevents fatigue. Instead of the mat, the edge of the cab floor has a fixed base so that the operator can stand safely during order picking. In addition, a low railing makes the picking process easier. The side barriers can optionally tilt outwards so that it is easier to access the racking. There are various storage areas and equipment variants available for individual requirements.

  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Large cab with rounded profile
  • Spring-mounted cab with anti-vibration mat
  • Low railing
  • Many individual storage areas and equipment variants


High lifting and travel speeds, as well as low energy consumption, are characteristic of the various three-phase motors used in the vertical order pickers. The trucks therefore quickly reach lift heights of up to twelve metres, ultimately ensuring improved handling performance. At the same time, they also have a high residual load capacity at these heights. The precise electrical steering unit, with which the truck can be manoeuvred easily and quickly, also ensures effective picking processes.

  • High lifting and travel speeds
  • High residual load capacity
  • Precise steering movements for quick manoeuvring
  • Low energy consumption


The travel and lift motors of the vertical order pickers are encapsulated, and therefore completely protected from dust and dirt. This prevents costly failures and also means that users do not have to service the unit. The entire design of the truck makes it easy to service: the central components are behind a screen and are easy to access. This also includes the CAN bus interface, which service technicians can use to read out and check all central data.

  • Truck data readouts via CAN bus connection
  • Maintenance-free travel and lifting motors
  • Easily accessible service components
  • Protected motors

Videos & Images

Video showing the benefits and functions of the V modular high racking order picker from Linde.

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Turning radius Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forks
V modular 24V Standard mast 0.8 (t) 4125 (mm) 9 / 9 km/h 1732 (mm) - (mm)
V modular 48V Standard mast 1.2 (t) 5725 (mm) 11 / 11 km/h 2071 (mm) 1380 (mm)
V modular 48V Triplex mast 1.2 (t) 10160 (mm) 13 / 13 km/h 2316 (mm) 1820 (mm)

Optional Equipment

Control panel

The control panel can either be fitted only on the load end or on both the load and mast end. The mast end control panel follows the same control logic as the load end panel.

Fixing systems

Items such as terminals, scanners, clip-boards or individual fixtures can be fitted. The attachment bars are mounted on the left and right-hand side of the mast as well as on the load end on the overhead guard.

Walk-on pallet

The loading area is protected with a fork carriage. It is therefore safe for the user to access the area and order pick from here.

Picture of the Linde BlueSpot, which projects a blue spot of light along the route, warning other people or operators of the approaching forklift truck.


Lane warning deviceLinde BlueSpot™Enhances safety during operation as the LED spot makes the forklift noiselessly visible in both travel directions.

Animation for the aisle safety system option is available for the V modular vertical order picker from Linde.

Aisle safety assistant

The assistance system uses barcodes or RFID tags in the aisle to detect unevenness in the floor, as well as obstacles in the shelving or on the ceiling and restricts truck functions, such as speed, lift height or fork extension at these specific locations. This prevents damage to the truck, load or racks.

Animation for the narrow aisle navigation system option is available for the V modular vertical order picker from Linde.

Linde warehouse navigation

The forklift receives tasks via the customer's warehouse management system. Using barcodes or RFID tags, the system determines the location in the warehouse and measures the current lift height. Based on this information, it guides the truck automatically to the desired pallet location. The operator only has to operate the drive function.

Linde connect

How and by whom are the individual forklifts used? What does the usage data of the forklifts look like, and is each one roadworthy? Using a combination of software and hardware, connect: provides the appropriate answers.

Linde System Control (LSC)

The system ensures rapid turnaround and enhanced safety. The LSC standard basic version indicates to the operator the residual load capacity for the particular lift height. Enhanced LSC versions adapt additional lift and/or travel speed to the weight of the load being transported.

Video about lifting height and the optionally available tilting side barriers.

Tilting barriers

If the operator leans on the barrier, it folds outwards by 10 cm. This enables the operator better access to the racking, making the order picking easier and safer.

Radio preparation

The truck is fitted with a 12 V/50 W connection as well as loud speakers and an antenna in the cab.

Mirror module

The equipment package includes large rear-view mirrors as well as sideways working lights to illuminate the working surroundings in the racking. On request, the package also includes ventilation, which keeps the operator comfortable when working in the heat, particularly important when working at high lift heights.

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