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Order Pickers N20 C D

Agile Double-Decker Order Picker

Transporting sensitive goods on two levels

The N20 C D double-decker order picker is the ideal solution for efficient order picking and safe transport of pressure sensitive goods such as food. It can be used to pick up two pallets separately and transport them on top of each other to save space. Thanks to its compact design, the order picker proves to be extremely manoeuvrable and ideal for narrow aisles, even with full loads of up to 2000 kilograms. The powerful acceleration to up to 12 km/h (7.5 mph) allows fast but safe goods handling with high handling performance. Power steering and automatic speed adjustment ensure maximum safety when transporting both pallets. The low-entry access, the intuitively-operated and ergonomic steering wheel and the spacious operator’s platform promote healthy working conditions.



The N20 C D order picker has a robust chassis with rounded edges. Self-centring power steering requires only a small amount of steering wheel turning, reducing driver movement within the operator's platform. Speed is automatically reduced when steering. Three separate braking systems ensure safe braking in line with the environment and the load being transported: the service brake operates electromagnetically. A hydraulically-assisted braking system adjusts to the load weight. Linde Brake Control also enables automatic braking when the drive is released. Additional options such as front LEDs and Linde BlueSpot™ maximise safety.

  • Robust chassis with rounded edges
  • Smooth running, self-centring steering wheel
  • Automatic speed reduction on bends
  • Safe braking in any situation with three braking systems


Each operator can adapt the low-lift order picker to their individual needs: the Linde steering wheel and backrest are easily height-adjustable so that the operator can adopt a comfortable, gentle posture. The central control elements are located directly on the Linde steering wheel, enabling the operator to reach and operate them intuitively with both hands. A cushioned platform with non-slip rubber pad reduces the vibrations transmitted to the operator. Access to the operator's platform has also been designed with ergonomics in mind: a wide design with low entry height makes it easy to get in and out of the cabin on both sides.

  • Height-adjustable Linde steering wheel
  • Adjustable backrest with foldable seating support
  • Damped platform with rubber padding
  • Wide access on both sides
  • Low entry height


Powered by a 3 kW three-phase AC motor, the order picker accelerates quickly to up to 12 km/h (7.5 mph). Either lead-acid or optional lithium-ion batteries provide the optimum power supply to meet the requirements of the fleet. With the Linde steering wheel’s intuitive operating concept, the operator controls all driving and mast functions effortlessly and with pin-point accuracy. A liftable operator's platform is available for convenient order picking on the first and second levels. Efficiency is also enhanced by a clearly arranged multi-functional display, numerous storage compartments on the vehicle and optional buttons on both sides for pedestrian operation.

  • Powerful 3 kW three-phase motor
  • Fast acceleration up to 12 km/h (7.5 mph)
  • Intuitive steering concept via steering wheel
  • Clear multi-functional display
  • Numerous storage options on the vehicle


The order picker ensures low maintenance requirements and only requires a service check after around 1000 hours. The three-phase AC technology is completely maintenance free. Brakes do not have to be readjusted. During maintenance, the service technician can easily remove the front panel to the motor compartment and has free access to all central components. All wiring harnesses and cables have been clearly arranged for quick servicing. The service technician can conveniently read out the vehicle data on their terminal device via a CAN bus connection.

  • 1000 operating hours without service check
  • Maintenance-free three-phase electric motor
  • No readjustment of the brakes
  • Easily accessible service components
  • CAN bus connection

Videos & Images

A thumbnail from the video about the N20 C Series from Linde Material Handling

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Turning radius Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h)
N20 C D 1.2 / 2.0 (t) 1580 (mm) 9 / 12 km/h 2313 / 2440 (mm) 24 / 420/465 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh

Optional Equipment

Liftable operator's platform

The operator platform can be lifted to allow occasional order picking at the first and second rack levels up to 2.8 metres picking height.

Fleet manager looking at screen showing connect: fleet management software

Fleet management

The Fleet Management connect solution from Linde allows you to analyse the use of the entire fleet of vehicles in order to subsequently optimise the service or capacity utilisation of the truck fleet, amongst other things.

Two LED headlights of the order picker N20 C D from Linde Material Handling

Front LEDs

The two LED headlights are located at the front and have a high brightness. They are waterproof and dustproof.

Cushioned platform

The pneumatically-cushioned construction reduces vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces.

Load backrest

An additional protection for the operator and load is the load backrest, which can be adapted to the height of the load.

The BlueSpot in front of the N20 C Order Picker

Linde BlueSpot™

The Linde BlueSpot™ route warning system increases safety in operation, as the LED spot makes trucks silently visible.

Lithium-ion battery

With Linde's innovative lithium-ion batteries, trucks can be recharged in a much shorter time and intermediately charged during operation.

Pushbuttons on the side of the order picker N 20 C to operate the vehicle from the outside

Inching controls

There are pushbuttons on both sides of the vehicle, which the operator uses to operate the order picker from the outside, walking alongside at the same time.

Panoramic front mirror

A large mirror at the front of the vehicle provides a good all-round view and thus increases safety for the operator, load and pedestrians.

Lateral battery change

The lateral battery removal, by means of roller bearings, enables a quick change, especially for use in multi-shift applications.

Screen showing the shock values within the fleet management software from Linde Material Handling

Accident monitoring

Whether operating errors, uneven surfaces or improper vehicle use, a shock sensor registers shocks. The evaluation of the data via the fleet management software provides information on the cause of damage and accidents.

Slowed lowering

When the fork is fully loaded, the lowering speed is reduced. This provides additional protection against damage to the goods.

The access control units from Linde Material Handling

Access control

Access control via the connect fleet management system ensures that vehicles are only used by authorised persons. The operator must identify him or herself with a PIN or RFID card before starting.

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