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E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks

Agility redefined
Linde Material Handling E30 in use in the wire industry

In indoor use, the main factor behind the productivity of a forklift truck is its manoeuvrability. If the operator can quickly and easily manoeuvre the truck through narrow shelving aisles and around corners, they can achieve a high turnover and rely on maximum performance over the course of several hours. That is why the new E20 – E35 electric forklift truck from Linde offers an unbeatable level of agility and is specially designed to provide maximum performance in warehouse environments.

Linde E30 electric forklift truck stacks goods in the warehouse
Linde Material Handling E30 electric forklift truck transports goods in the warehouse
E30 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling transports goods in the warehouse
Linde E30 electric forklift truck stacks goods in the warehouse
Linde Material Handling E30 electric forklift truck transports goods in the warehouse
E30 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling transports goods in the warehouse

The key features are its compact design and outstanding manoeuvrability, allowing operators to enjoy a driving experience like no other, even with the standard models. Every single detail of the previous generation of forklift trucks has been painstakingly analysed and all trucks that have been developed based on the shared platform for counterbalanced trucks have been optimised to achieve the best possible ergonomics. In developing the electric forklifts, several design principles have been taken from the IC truck segment that offer major ergonomic advantages – such as the elastomer ring bearings, which are used to decouple the steering axle and the chassis from one another.

Trucks from the new counterbalanced forklift truck platform from Linde Material Handling

Trucks for every customer requirement

Along with the E models, the new generation of forklift trucks being developed on one technological platform also includes the X20 – X35 electric forklift trucks, as well as the H20 – H35 diesel and gas-powered trucks. Together, the three models mark the end of the previous separation between the design of IC and electric forklifts, and enable customers to use the equipment that best suits their requirements – regardless of the energy system and with no loss of performance.

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The powerful indoor forklift

The E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks are the most powerful forklifts for indoor use. The crucial factor here is the innovative synchronous reluctance motor, which significantly improves the performance characteristics and measurably increases energy efficiency. In addition, the user has the option to choose whichever energy storage system they prefer: lead-acid battery, lithium-ion battery, or fuel cell. This ensures the Linde electric forklift trucks integrate seamlessly into every customer concept. The wireless access to operator data and control allows connection to logistics, safety, and fleet management systems. Information about the use and condition of the trucks can be analysed and processed, with the aim of achieving the highest possible availability.

Video about the new E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks from Linde Material Handling
Combi steering axle for the E30 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling

Optimum manoeuvrability

The E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks have a dual motor front drive for maximum manoeuvrability. The electric motors are integrated into the drive axle and turn anti-clockwise at the full steering angle. The combi steering axle allows both rear wheels to be turned by almost ninety degrees to the truck’s longitudinal axis. This means that the electric forklift truck can form a perfect circle when turning.

Synchronous reluctance motors

The newly developed synchronous reluctance motors ensure optimised performance and higher energy efficiency than conventional systems across all performance classes.

E30 energy system from Linde Material Handling

High-performance energy systems

For demanding multi-shift operation, the lithium-ion or fuel cell systems from Linde increase the availability and long-term performance of the electric forklift truck. Its unique selling points include its high overall safety and the optimum compatibility between the truck and the energy system.

Load balancing for the E30 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling

Load balancing

With the help of load balancing, every customer can develop the right charging strategy for their local energy infrastructure. The aim of this is to avoid expensive power peaks (Peak Power Management) and statically as well as dynamically limit the available charging power.

Like driving on a cloud

Linde Material Handling E30 electric forklift truck transports a roll of wire

One of the unique selling points of the E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks is the ergonomics, which provide maximum comfort and user-friendliness in order to ensure fatigue-free, safe-working for several hours at a time. One crucial factor to the comfort and therefore the productivity of the operator is the ambient temperature. To help balance the temperature, the electric forklifts can be fitted with an air-conditioned (contains fluorinated hydrocarbons) operator’s cabin as an option, with an eight-nozzle ventilation system. Up to now, this comfort option has only ever been available in IC trucks. The comprehensive decoupling concept with the elastomer ring bearing for shock absorption on the front axle – which is just as effective in diesel and gas forklifts – reduces the physical strain on the operator. This offers optimum protection against impacts and vibrations when driving over bumps or guide rails.

E30 operator’s workstation from Linde Material Handling

Operator’s workstation

The spacious operator’s cabin in the new generation gives operators significantly more space than in the electric forklift trucks from the previous series.

Optimum visibility in the E30 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling

Optimum visibility

The even narrower A-pillar, narrow mast profile and armoured glass roof option ensure optimal visibility. The operator has a good view of both the load and the area around the truck in all directions.

Armrest for the E30 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling


The armrest, which is available in multiple variants, ensures optimum arm support and ergonomic operation of all key functions. As well as the tried-and-tested Linde Load Control, there are also additional control elements integrated into the armrest, which can be configured according to the preference.

Comfortable seat variant from Linde

Seat variants

A wide variety of seat options provide additional comfort and active protection against postural injuries – with air suspension and lumbar support through to heated seating and seat ventilation.

A 7-inch display shows information about the load and camera images


The 3.5-inch display, which is fitted as standard, gives the operator all the relevant information at a glance, such as the fuel gauge, warning lights and operating hours. As an extra, the 7-inch display option also shows images from additional camera systems.

Air-conditioning system for the Linde E20 – E35 truck

Operator’s cabin with air conditioning*

Temperature also affects the operator’s well-being and therefore their productivity. The powerful cooling and heating performance of the air-conditioning system option in the cabin, which has an eight-nozzle ventilation system (three nozzles for the operator, two nozzles in the foot well, and three defog nozzles for the windscreen), ensures a comfortable working environment.

* contains fluorinated hydrocarbons

Mechanical decoupling from the mast, drive, and steering axle

Mechanical decoupling from the mast, drive, and steering axle

Decoupling the chassis from the steering axle and mast significantly reduces the shocks transmitted to the operator when travelling over uneven surfaces.

Elastomer ring bearing for the E30 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling

Elastomer ring bearing

The use of an elastomer ring bearing to absorb shocks on the front axle also ensures that the operator has the optimum protection when travelling over bumps, guide rails or uneven surfaces.

Electronic suspension of the mast ends in the E30 electric forklift truck from Linde Material Handling

Electronic suspension of the mast ends

To prevent shocks and vibrations being transmitted to the operator, the mast ends are electronically suspended when lifting and lowering, which also reduces the amount of wear to the mast components.

Safety of the highest standard

The E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks set new standards when it comes to safety. One of the most important safety features is the operator’s excellent visibility of the load and surroundings. The large, low entry step prevents injury when climbing in and out of the truck. The automatic parking brake stops the forklift truck from accidental rolling and reduces the risk of accidents. The truck’s low centre of gravity ensures good stability when cornering. Linde Curve Assist, which comes as standard, also reduces the speed when cornering, which provides further protection against tipping. The overhead tilt cylinders, in combination with the torsion-resistant mast design, offer a high residual load capacity and safe load handling at high lifting heights. Linde Load Assist uses a pressure sensor and lifting height indicator to determine the residual load capacity, and reduces the risk of tipping accidents by slowing the lift and tilt functions to within the safe range.

Perfectly networked team player

Thanks to their comprehensive sensor system, the new E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks are perfectly configured for data collection and transmission and come fully equipped for networking. This makes them ideal for integration into superordinate fleet management systems such as connect, as well as digital intralogistics processes. Via a secure wireless connection, the vehicle data can be transmitted and analysed for predictive usage planning, servicing, and remote diagnoses, for example. These possibilities ensure that the trucks have even greater availability. They also enable updates and new functions to be uploaded as quickly as possible. GPS tracking allows the trucks to be located and assigned to the next application site.

The electric forklift trucks from Linde Material Handling are fitted with data transmission units as standard.

Open for improvements

The electric forklift trucks are fitted as standard with a data transmission unit which is connected to the vehicle controller via CAN Bus and transmits vehicle data to the internal server or the Cloud via WiFi, Bluetooth, or 4G. This guarantees the highest standards of data protection. During operation, usage data such as operating hours can be sent to the system. Individually configurable reports, dashboards, and analyses represent the usage, utilisation and improvement potentials. Wear and damage can be identified before defects develop that require costly repair. This ensures a high level of truck availability at all times.

Service by design

Every last detail of the E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks is designed in such a way as to ensure easy servicing and therefore maximum availability. All assemblies and components are optimised for minimum wear in order to keep servicing costs significantly lower than for other trucks over the entire service life. The parts that do require maintenance are easy to access and replace. If repairs are necessary, key assemblies such as the mast or drive are quick to remove and exchange. The connectivity enables optimised service processes, based on wireless transmission and analysis of the vehicle data, avoiding unnecessary downtime. Text messages on the display guide the operator through simple servicing processes rather than having to call out a service technician. The options for remote diagnosis and remote firmware updates also save time and money when it comes to servicing.

Service technician checks Linde electric forklift

Free choice of energy system

The sustainability of the entire fleet is playing a central role for more and more companies. With its electrical powered forklift trucks, Linde is going one step further and allowing users to choose freely between lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries for their energy system. The trucks can also be fitted with a fuel cell if required. This means the new electric forklift trucks integrate perfectly into the customer’s energy management system, allowing them to achieve the best possible energy efficiency. If sustainably generated primary energy is used, operation is entirely free of CO2 emissions.

One platform – the best choice for every application

The king of electric trucks

With the X20 – X35 forklift trucks, Linde brings together the best of both worlds and offers, for the first time ever, an electric forklift truck that tackles extremely demanding applications equally as effectively as an IC truck. In terms of dynamics, flexibility, and zero emissions, they also offer several benefits specific to an electric forklift.

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Exactly the right truck

The new generation of counterbalanced trucks from Linde Material Handling marks the end of the design separation between electric and IC trucks. That makes Linde the only manufacturer to combine all drive types and energy systems on one platform and therefore to offer a range of electric forklift trucks that can replace internal combustion trucks without any loss of performance or durability.

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For optimum safety and visibility

The H20 – H35 trucks, which are available as diesel and gas trucks, are the perfect solution for the requirements of the modern material flow. They have all the features that set Linde forklifts apart, but with the addition of an expanded field of vision for the operator and optimum protection for pedestrians, trucks and surroundings.

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Your benefits at a glance

Powerful performance

The new synchronous reluctance motors make the E20 – E35 electric forklift trucks the most high-performance forklifts available for indoor use.

Excellent ergonomics

The comprehensive decoupling concept with additional elastomer ring bearing provides effective protection for the operator against shocks and vibrations.

Optimum visibility in every direction

The even narrower A-pillar, narrow mast profiles and armoured glass roof option ensure optimal visibility.

Networking as standard

Thanks to their extensive connectivity, the trucks can be integrated into fleet management systems and digital processes.

Designed for easy servicing

With easy access to the important components and quick replacement of key assemblies, the trucks benefit from a high degree of availability.