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  • 0 - 5,000 (kg)
  • 0 - 7,665 (mm)

Electric Forklifts X35 – X50

Zero-emissions powerhouse

The X35 – X50 are a completely new breed of electric forklift truck: they combine the power and durability of an internal combustion forklift with the dynamism and zero emissions of an electric forklift truck. Thanks to their performance capability and versatility, they are suitable for even the most demanding applications both indoors and outdoors, and are able to match the productivity of a diesel or petrol forklift. The powerhouse behind the X35 – X50 is a dual motor front-wheel drive with permanent magnet‑assisted synchronous reluctance motors (SRM+), which significantly improves the truck’s performance and energy efficiency. The tried-and-tested operating concept consisting of dual-pedal control and Linde Load Control ensures excellent overall control of the vehicle, while the optimal visibility and ergonomic design guarantee maximum driving comfort. The X35 – X50 are available in a wide variety of models, with an extensive range of standard equipment and numerous add-ons that allow them to be individually configured to specific requirements. The inclusion of a data transmission unit as standard means that they can be easily integrated into digital processes.



The slim, asymmetrical mast profiles and narrow A-pillar of the X35 – X50 ensure the operator has excellent all-round visibility. Very narrow horizontal struts and an optional armoured glass roof ensure a clear view of what is above the truck. When driving around corners, the vehicle’s low centre of gravity and top-connected steering axle provide stability. Linde Curve Assist, which is included as standard, can also help with cornering. The risk of tipping and loading accidents is reduced thanks to Linde Load Assist. An automatic parking brake ensures safety on ramps and gradients. For additional protection, Linde offers a wide range of optional assistance systems: for example, the Linde Safety Pilot helps the operator avoid operating and driving errors. The Linde Safety Guard surrounds trucks and pedestrians with a mobile safety zone in order to minimise hazards in the immediate vicinity of the truck. For improved safety in poor lighting conditions, light and warning systems such as Linde TruckSpot, Linde BlueSpot™ and Linde LED stripes are available.

  • Excellent all-round visibility
  • Linde Curve Assist
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Numerous optional assistance systems


The X35 – X50 boasts an ergonomic and intuitively designed operating concept and a spacious operator’s cab. The steering wheel, dual pedals and Linde Load Control control levers integrated into the armrest require only the lightest touch to operate. The drive and steering axle as well as the mast are decoupled from the chassis by rubber bearings. This protects the operator against impacts and vibrations. Linde offers a wide range of ergonomic seats to actively prevent operators from developing posture problems. Various features such as air suspension, lumbar support, heated seats and seat ventilation ensure even greater comfort. The operator can see all important information at a glance on the 3.5” display. A 7” display is available as an option.

  • Intuitive control elements
  • Decoupled operator workstation
  • Spacious, comfortable operator’s cab
  • 3.5” display as standard
  • Range of ergonomic seats


The powerful dual motor front-wheel drive with magnet‑assisted synchronous reluctance motors (SRM+) guarantees high performance and manoeuvrability for productive load handling. The intuitive operating concept with dual pedal control and Linde Load Control ensures precise control of all driving and lifting movements. The freely programmable buttons in the armrest can be assigned frequently used functions. The construction of the upper-lying tilting cylinders and the torsion-resistant mast construction result in high residual load capacities and torsion stability – even at height. The Linde energy management system guarantees smart and transparent energy consumption. This, in addition to their minimal maintenance needs, increases the availability of the trucks while also reducing operating costs.

  • Dual motor front-wheel drive
  • Intuitive dual pedal control and Linde Load Control
  • High residual load capacity and torsion stability
  • Smart energy consumption
  • Minimal maintenance needs and high availability


The X35 – X50 is guaranteed to have high availability due to its sturdy, modular design as well as its wear- and maintenance‑free components. These components include the dual motor front-wheel drive, the enclosed power electronics and the no-grease tilting cylinders. The hydraulic oil suction filter does not need replacing at all, and the hydraulic oil only needs replacing after 6000 operating hours. Text prompts on the truck’s display guide the operator through simple maintenance processes. It is possible to install software updates and perform error diagnostics remotely. This reduces the number of on-site service interventions and reduces costs. Maintenance and repair intervals are determined based on the recorded operating hours.

  • Robust truck construction
  • Long maintenance intervals thanks to wear-free components
  • Hydraulic oil change after 6000 operating hours
  • Software updates and error diagnostics performed remotely

Technical Data

Model Load capacity/Load Lift Travel speed, with/without load Battery voltage/rated capacity (5h) Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forks
X35/600 3.5 (t) 3100 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4761 (mm)
X35/600 Beverage 3.5 (t) 3100 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4761 (mm)
X40/600 4.0 (t) 3100 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4771 (mm)
X40/600 Beverage 4.0 (t) 3100 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4771 (mm)
X45/600 4.5 (t) 3100 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4771 (mm)
X45/600 Beverage 4.5 (t) 3100 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4771 (mm)
X50/500 4.99 (t) 3100 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4771 (mm)
X50/500 Beverage 4.99 (t) 3100 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4771 (mm)
X50/600 4.99 (t) 2900 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4771 (mm)
X50/600 Beverage 4.99 (t) 2900 (mm) 22 / 22 km/h 90 / 1440 (V)/(Ah) o. kWh 4771 (mm)

Optional Equipment

Radio with DAB+ and MP3 player including Bluetooth hands-free kit

Radio with DAB+ and MP3 player including Bluetooth hands-free kit

The radio is able to clearly receive popular DAB+, DAB and FM stations and also boasts USB and Bluetooth® connections, two loudspeakers and an additional antenna.

Air conditioning system for the Linde X35 – X50 forklift trucks

Air conditioning system* with integrated heating

The powerful air conditioning system with integrated heating and pollen filter guarantees a comfortable working environment in the cab all year round, while also preventing windows from fogging up.

*Contains fluorinated hydrocarbons

A 7” display shows information about the load and the view from the camera.

Multi-function display

The 7” display can be used to view not only information about the truck, but also other features such as the Linde Safety Pilot screen or the view from the mast or reversing camera. The screen layout and display are customisable.

The Linde VertiLight illuminates a large portion of the working area.

Light solutions

With its semi-circular design, the Linde VertiLight illuminates a large portion of the working area. The two-coloured light strips of the Linde LED stripes illuminate whatever direction the truck is driving in with white light.

Seat variants

A wide range of seats are available to provide additional comfort and active protection against posture problems, with functions such as air suspension, lumbar support, seat heating or seat ventilation.

Linde TruckSpot warning light system

Optical warning systems

Warning light systems such as Linde BlueSpot™ and Linde TruckSpot project coloured spotlights or warning signs onto the floor, providing a warning to pedestrians and other trucks.

Linde Safety Pilot display with a warning message

Linde Safety Pilot

The risk of counterbalanced trucks tipping over can be significantly reduced thanks to the Safety Pilot from Linde Material Handling.

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