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Ecovadis Platinum Medal awarded to Linde MH

5 Mar 2024

Linde Material Handling recognized for sustainability excellence

Intralogistics specialist Linde Material Handling (MH) has made significant progress in achieving its sustainability goals and has been awarded a platinum medal by the Ecovadis rating agency. In the certification process, which took place at the end of 2023, Linde MH achieved significantly above-average scores in all four assessment categories, placing it in the top one percent of all companies in the ranking. Compared to the previous screening, Linde MH enhanced its Scorecard in the Ethics and Sustainable Procurement categories.

“At Linde Material Handling, sustainability is a strategic issue that we have systematically pursued and continuously improved in recent years,” says Ulrike Just, Executive Vice President Sales & Service Linde MH EMEA. The company’s ongoing commitment has now been rewarded and acknowledged with the Platinum rating: Linde MH thus belongs to the small circle of companies forming the top international group.

“We are delighted to have received this prestigious award and see it as an incentive to do even better next year,” says the Linde MH manager. The Ecovadis ranking has established a uniform international standard for sustainability that provides orientation in the business world and renders many reporting lines redundant. “With the Platinum Award, we are showing our customers that by choosing Linde MH they are selecting a supplier and business partner who takes the issue of sustainability seriously and has a comprehensive approach.” The same applies to the products and solutions the company offers. “The Linde brand portfolio stands for efficient use of energy, low emissions and comprehensive occupational health and safety, combined with maximum performance,” states Ulrike Just. In order to determine the environmental impact of forklifts and industrial trucks over their entire product life, life cycle assessments were carried out for major product groups using a scientific method certified by the TÜV technical inspection association. The company’s Approved Used Trucks business makes a positive contribution to reducing resource consumption. Returns from the leasing and rental business are reconditioned according to uniform standards and are then sent on their way to a second life as forklifts. Last year, Linde MH entered into a strategic business partnership to ensure the environmentally friendly recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

Founded in Paris in 2007, the global Ecovadis rating agency measures companies’ sustainability efforts in four categories: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. The assessment is based on defined indicators, including policies in place, measures taken and documentation of the results. In the Carbon Scorecard, which is used to assess a company’s carbon management system, Ecovadis awarded Linde MH an “Advanced” level of performance and thus the second highest rating.


Linde Material Handling was honored with the Platinum Award in the Ecovadis ranking: The data required for the sustainability assessment comes from all relevant departments such as Occupational Safety, Environmental Management, Purchasing, Human Resources and Production.

“At Linde MH, the data collected as part of the Ecovadis audit comes from all relevant departments such as Occupational Safety, Environmental Management, Purchasing, Human Resources and Production,” explains Linde Brand Manager Ulrike Just. An important basis for the Ecovadis certification is the Linde MH sustainability report that was published in 2015 for the first time and is available in its latest edition for 2022 on the corporate website as an online report. Its Facts & Figures section documents the status quo achieved in core areas such as Sustainability Strategy and Management, Corporate Governance, Environment, Products and Solutions, Good Employer and Social Engagement, and updates the respective targets for the future. “Systematic screening and the involvement of many people from the organization are the key components for further improvements,” says manager Ulrike Just.

The Ecovadis network now includes more than 125,000 assessed companies. The goal of the certification is to promote innovation and drive sustainability. The content of the assessments is based on the ISO 26000 guidelines and various global reporting standards.