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Order Pickers N20, N20 – N24HP

Power saving order picking solution

Quick and energy-efficient picking using two pallets

Linde Material Handling's N20 and N20 – 24HP low-lift order pickers not only speed up picking working processes, they also reduce physical strain for the operator. It's all in the design: The batteries are located in the middle of the truck between the operator's cab and the forks. Terminal holders and compartments for working materials offer the operator a control unit well-suited to all order picking processes. This also allows the distance between the operator's cab, the shelf, the two pallets on the truck, and the control panel to be reduced. Plus, the truck accelerates very quickly thanks to its 3 kW three-phase motor. Among the features ensuring enhanced safety are the compact steering controls featuring hand protection and automatic speed adjustment around bends. Made from high quality steel, the robust chassis ensures a long service life, and the low-lift order pickers boast a lifting capacity of 2,000 to 2,400 kilograms. Lithium-ion batteries are also optionally available.



The steering is designed so the operator hardly has to move while driving. Their body therefore remains constantly protected within the confines of the truck. The four-millimetre thick steel chassis and the hand protection of the ergonomic steering, gripped firmly by the operator, ensure additional safety. Around bends, the truck automatically adjusts its speed, thereby increasing the safety of the operator and the load. The same applies if the fork is lowered, when the lower speed provides protection in the event of unevenness in aisles, for example.

  • Compact steering design
  • Ergonomic handles with hand protection
  • Automatic speed adjustment around bends
  • Reduced speed when fork is lowered
  • Robust steel chassis


When picking, operators often have to mount and dismount. For this reason, the N20 and N20 – N24 HP models feature a particularly low entry height. The operator also needs to take fewer steps during the picking process, as the control unit and terminal are located in the middle of the truck. Good forward visibility reduces strenuous movements while driving, and the height-adjustable seat and optional height-adjustable steering unit establish a back-friendly driving position. The full-suspension platform with non-slip rubber coating makes the position more comfortable, and means that the operator feels fewer vibrations caused by unevenness in the travel path. All of the most important controls are integrated into the steering unit, making them easy to access.

  • Low entry height
  • Height-adjustable seat
  • Full-suspension platform
  • Easily-accessible controls in the steering unit


The distance the operator has to move between the shelf, the pallet, and the picking list is decisive if fast processes with high pick-rates are to be achieved while picking. That's why the N20 and N20 – N24 HP order pickers feature an operating terminal and battery which are located in the middle of the truck, in close proximity to the pallet. This means the picking list is within easy reach after loading. The control unit can optionally be equipped with buttons on both sides, allowing the truck to be moved forward or backwards in creep gear from the outside. The 3 kW three-phase motor is integral to the speed of the handling process, accelerating the N20 to a maximum speed of 10 km/h with a load, or 12 km/h without. The multi-function display, generous compartment space within the truck, and the easy-to-use power steering with adjustable steering resistance all enable efficient operation.

  • Special truck design for short distances
  • Powerful 3 kW three-phase motor
  • Multi-function display
  • Adjustable power steering
  • Generous compartment space


Service testing must be carried out after every 1000 operating hours. The technician can simply read out all of the truck's data via the CAN bus connection, analyse it on their notebook, and adjust truck parameters to suit the desired application. Easy access to all units is achieved simply by removing the front service cover. The truck's three-phase engineering is completely maintenance-free, while the steel chassis ensures the long life of the order picker. The optionally available side battery replacement system makes battery changing easier via the initial lift onto the removable stands.

  • Truck data readouts via CAN bus connection
  • Maintenance-free three-phase technology
  • Robust steel chassis

Optional Equipment

Screenshot of the Linde connect: desk fleet management software dashboard, that provides an overview of all important fleet data.

Fleet Management

The connect: fleet management solution allows, among other things, for the usage of trucks to be analysed in order to optimise the servicing or utilisation of the fleet.


The handrail is situated on the central control unit and can be fitted with various elements such as a clipboard.

Walk alongside button

Creep speed buttons are located under the seat on both sides of the truck. The operator can use these to move the order picker from the outside, while they walk alongside it.

Accident monitoring

The truck controls detect strong vibrations via shock sensors – whether caused by driving errors, uneven surfaces, or improper truck use. This means that the connect: fleet management system can shed some light on the causes of damage and accidents.

Adjustable steering unit

The height of the steering unit can be adjusted to the size and position of the operator, ensuring even more ergonomic working conditions.

Detailed image of a PIN pad which the operator uses to unlock the truck.

Access control

Access control allows fleet management to determine which operator is allowed to use which truck. Operators must identify themselves using a PIN or a RFID card before they can operate the truck.

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