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The most effective solutions for pedestrian safety

Linde protects your employees
A Person in a safety vest is walking past a shelf aisle from which a forklift truck is just reversing out.

In production operations in particular, pedestrians and industrial trucks often share the same working area. This can be dangerous, especially for pedestrians. The figures are alarming: in Germany alone, almost 20,000 accidents involving forklifts and other industrial trucks occurred in 2022. In 51 percent of cases, people were hit, crushed or even run over.

At Linde, we offer the most effective solutions to minimize these risks for drivers and pedestrians, in every situation and under a wide range of conditions – always with the aim of protecting your employees in the best possible way.

Collision protection when reversing:

The Linde Reverse Assist Radar

Two-thirds of all forklift accidents occur when the driver is reversing and fails to see people. The Linde Reverse Assist Radar assistance system helps to effectively prevent collisions with pedestrians and obstacles when reversing. Thanks to powerful sensors, the system reliably detects static and moving objects in the rear driving path, even in poor visibility. A multi-stage alarm system warns the driver of collisions. In an emergency, the system intervenes and brakes the vehicle to a standstill.

A pedestrian is walking behind a Linde X30.

Always keeping an eye on people: the Front and Reverse Assist Camera

Another solution for accident prevention is the Front und Reverse Assist Camera. The camera's artificial intelligence recognizes people in the vicinity of the vehicle when driving forward or in reverse and is optimized for work and protective clothing. The system differentiates between people and other obstacles in real time and warns the driver of an impending collision in several stages. If necessary, the vehicle is automatically slowed down. The AI software is fully integrated into the camera, and no additional hardware is required.

Linde's Reverse Assist Camera in operation at CEMEX

Preventing foot injuries:

The Active Foot Bumper

Almost every second accident involving a forklift truck results in foot or ankle injuries. To minimize this risk for operators of high and low-lift trucks, as well as for people in their vicinity, Linde has developed the Active Foot Bumper. If it registers contact with the chassis, it stops the vehicle or actively reverses it. This prevents feet from being trapped, even in confined spaces.

The Active Foot Bumper from Linde in use.

We are Safety.

The safety of people is our top priority! Yet Linde Material Handling also has the right solution for any other safety issue in your company's intralogistics.

With us, you are always on the safe side. Contact us!