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New AI-powered “Energy Navigator” tool from Linde Material Handling will help companies manage soaring energy costs

14 Apr 2022

Just launched leading edge software delivers market’s most powerful and accurate tool for choosing best energy sources for intralogistics

With global energy costs soaring a highly sophisticated, AI-enabled tool to help companies choose the most energy efficient vehicles for their intralogistics operations has been launched.

Following years of careful development Linde Material Handling, one of the world's largest manufacturers of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, has unveiled its Energy Navigator tool to the UK market.

The free to use system takes just minutes to work out what the best, most efficient and effective energy source is for a company’s specific intralogistics requirements, be that diesel, li-ion, LPG, Hydrogen or lead acid batteries.

“Everyone has access to an ‘energy calculator’ tool, but no one has anything close to our Energy Navigator which delivers tailored, considered analysis of customers’ current energy use and specific requirements together with AI-powered recommendations for the best energy source for their future needs,” said Tracy Clarke, Linde Material Handling’s UK Energy Sales Manager.

“With global energy costs soaring like never before we believe this will be of huge benefit to those companies who may know they need to review their energy needs but have little to no idea about the best way to do it,” she added.

Across the world companies are seeing the cost of running warehouse operations rise in line with spiraling energy costs made all the more acute by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine which is seeing supply chains squeezed harder than ever.

In addition, here in the UK, the government is about to end the long-established “red diesel subsidy” for most industries in a move that will send fuel costs for companies running diesel vehicles sky high.

Tracy said: “This is such an unpredictable time for companies who are looking to build some degree of certainty into their intralogistics operations as a way of keeping costs under control.

“Our Energy Navigator tool takes most of that stress away by showing, in the simplest, clearest way possible, which energy solution delivers the greatest impact, including return on investment, for all customers’ specific warehousing needs.”