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Order Pickers N20 C

Convenient order picking aid

Pick faster thanks to short distances

The Linde Material Handling N20 C low-lift order picker reduces strain during order picking thanks to its ergonomic design and intuitive operating concept. The operating platform, for example, is located in front of the battery, which saves the operator having to walk unnecessary distances once they have picked up the goods. Work is more comfortable and less strenuous – especially when ‘pick by voice’ is in action, where the operator receives instructions via headset and must react quickly. The U-shaped steering unit has all control elements integrated, and can be intuitively and quickly operated with either the left or right hand. Automatic centring of the steering system makes it easier to drive in a straight line, saving time between picking positions. The N20 C low-lift order picker can take on loads of up to two tons.



While driving, the operator always remains within the confines of the truck, meaning they are fully protected. The ergonomic design of the steering unit ensures both a secure grip while cornering and protection for the hands, while steel bumpers guarantee additional safety for the operator and the truck. The N20 C boasts three independent braking systems, allowing the truck to brake automatically when the operator releases the drive switch or wishes to travel in the opposite direction. It also brakes electromagnetically and to an extent determined by the load when the operator presses the emergency stop button or leaves the platform, which functions as a dead man's switch.

  • Compact steering design
  • Ergonomic handles with hand protection
  • Automatic speed adjustment around bends
  • Steel bumper
  • Three independent braking systems


In the N20 C, the operating console, adjustable backrest, and operator platform form a U-shaped unit that is decoupled from the rest of the robust chassis. This design absorbs vibrations from uneven road surfaces, making the working area inside the truck particularly quiet and gentle on the back. Three deep compartment areas behind the backrest make work even easier. There are various compartment spaces on and below the control unit, which are ideal for packing paper, gloves, or pens. The digital multi-function display shows all important truck information at a glance, which is useful for everyday work – as is the low entry height.

  • Operator platform suspension
  • Compartment space behind the backrest
  • Compartment spaces on and under the console
  • Digital multi-function display
  • Low entry height


The N20 C's 3 kW three-phase motor accelerates quickly to a stable top speed of twelve kilometres per hour – both with and without a load. Over longer stretches, this leads to an increase in handling performance. The 2-grip steering control and Linde operating unit are integral to the handling: The interface between the operator and the truck includes all central control elements and can be operated either left or right-handed, saving time during order picking. For short distances between two picking positions, the automatic centring of the power steering ensures that the truck moves in a straight line

  • Powerful 3 kW three-phase motor
  • Good acceleration
  • Power steering
  • 2-grip steering control and central control unit
  • Automatic centring


The truck must be serviced after every 1,000 operating hours. Service technicians can quickly read out all technical parameters to their laptop via CAN bus connection, and the service components are designed to be easily accessible. The three-phase technology is maintenance-free. Durable electronic components, robust steering, and the sturdy steel chassis all ensure low service costs.

  • Truck data readouts via CAN bus connection
  • Maintenance-free three-phase technology
  • Robust steel chassis
  • Durable electronic components

Optional Equipment

Data terminal preparation

The truck can be equipped with a data terminal. This package also includes a clipboard and a bar code reader.

Speed adjustment

If the operator lowers the initial lift, the truck will automatically reduce its speed.

The image shows the optionally available LED work headlamps

LED work headlamps

Both headlamps are positioned on the front and boast very bright illumination. They are water and dust-tight.

Walk alongside button

Movement buttons are located next to the seat on both sides of the truck. The operator can use these to operate the order picker from the outside, while they walk alongside it.

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