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Illustration of the processes in a schematic warehouse
Everything perfectly in sync

Intralogistics and automation solutions for you

Scalable and cost-efficient automation is a critical element of an optimal material flow. Automated procedures ensure consistent, efficient and flexible processes. They improve your goods handling times and help minimise personal injury and damage to goods and infrastructure. We provide automated trucks, the latest technology and a comprehensive material flow consulting service to help you fully exploit your economic potential. From delivery through to dispatch, we use our comprehensive understanding of intralogistics to analyse individual process steps or entire material flows. Whether an existing system or new project: the goal of automation is always to maximise your efficiency gains. Our offer is not just limited to our automated trucks. Together with our partner companies, we provide everything that you need to automate your processes.

Technology for automation

Linde Material Handling offers a huge range of automated trucks for flexible and scalable automation solutions. The electric forklifts, pallet trucks and tow tractors from the MATIC series are equipped with intelligent navigation and safety technology, and work together with people in the tightest of spaces.

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Intelligent automation for intralogistics processes

Our experience from countless customer projects in a range of different industries means that Linde Material Handling has a detailed understanding of intralogistics processes. We have used this understanding to develop standard applications to fully automate individual process steps or complete material flows.

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Partner for your material flow

Linde Material Handling is a reliable partner for the comprehensive optimisation of your material flows. Our intralogistics and automation experts support you with the analysis of your current situation through to the commissioning of a material flow solution that is precisely tailored to your requirements.

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Linde Software Collection for intralogistics and automation

The digital control and networking of intralogistics and automation solutions ensures process reliability and work safety in the material flow. Linde Material Handling provides cutting-edge software solutions, including a scalable Warehouse Management System and a flexible forklift guidance system.

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