Powering the Future

Linde Energy Solutions

The energy system for the logistics of today and tomorrow

The material handling equipment industry has long been a pioneer in electromobility. The challenge: to achieve the same high vehicle availability as with combustion engine-powered vehicles. This is where Linde's Li-ION technology demonstrates its strengths.

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Lead Acid Batteries

The classic choice for electric powered trucks is lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid technology is well known and well established and remains the most frequently used battery technology by our customers. Linde can now offer a complete solution for customers with Linde Branded Batteries.

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IC Engine

At Linde, we have worked hard to develop energy efficient and environmentally friendly ways of powering engine-based trucks.

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Into the future with hydrogen

Fuel cells are receiving more and more interest as an energy system for industrial trucks. In addition to the short time required for refuelling, other impressive aspects of the technology include its low space requirement for the refuelling infrastructure, reduced energy costs as well as better environmental compatibility and hygiene. Linde already offers viable solutions for this technology.

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