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connect:cloud from Linde Material Handling is a fleet management solution for anytime and anywhere
Fleet management anytime and anywhere

connect:cloud from Linde Material Handling

With connect:cloud, Linde Material Handling is taking the next step towards the future. The new, cloud-based fleet management solution is flexible, reliable and secure – an impressive addition to the Linde connect fleet management system.

connect:cloud can be accessed anytime and anywhere. All you need is a device with Internet access and a browser. connect:cloud combines all relevant information about your fleet clearly in one place, including a comprehensive, central view of data and software versions. Linde ensures the software is always up-to-date and all functionality is available. It also offers hosting, software updates and data backup for fleet management. The data transmission unit and data transfer are provided free of charge.

connect:cloud from Linde Material Handling is a fleet management solution for anytime and anywhere

The functions of the connect:cloud software are all easy to understand and user-friendly. Separate packages are available depending on target groups and requirements.

The packages

The basic package is free of charge and includes core functions such as access control, operating hours, availability and truck usage log. Fleet operators can also purchase add-ons to adapt the software to their individual needs and requirements.

Various additional packages are available for a monthly fee:

  • Energy package: Energy and consumption data, plus optimisation
  • Safety package: Everything you need to make your fleet even safer
Users can start with the basic package and upgrade flexibly and cost-effectively as needed.

In addition to the basic package, connect:cloud from Linde Material Handling offers users various additional packages for a fee.

Advantages at a glance

Easy access anytime and anywhere

Flexible expansion options with additional packages

Data security and GDPR compliance

Free basic functions and cost-effective optional add-ons which are pay-on-use only

Available for all trucks with data transmission units and retrofit solutions

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