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Take the Linde Energy Challenge!

Let us show you how Linde forklifts can save you energy through efficient operation and greater productivity.


Efficient operation and productivity provide the greatest potential for reducing operating costs. Measuring the productivity element is the key to making the right investment choice.


A Linde truck needs up to 20% less time to complete a typical truck working cycle than other manufacturers. The Linde generation of electric counterbalance trucks offer energy savings through highly functional technological innovations:

  • Sensor controlled drive axle
  • Sensor-controlled cooling system
  • Steering angle sensor

Linde energy management

Performance depends on energy. Linde E-trucks have a unique energy management system incorporating an advanced Linde battery state of charge indicator.

Apart from accurately and reliably displaying the energy available at any given time, it also precisely measures the current and the available voltage to provide the operator with a continuous update of the battery’s overall condition; thus ensuring maximum uptime and extended battery life.

Energy at work

More uptime equals shorter charging times. Because of the highly efficient axle, each battery charge lasts longer and the charging process is faster.

Depending on the battery capacity charging takes between 5.5 and 7.5 hours (utilising high-frequency charging equipment and electrolytic recirculation.) A new high-frequency on-board charger unit is optionally available for charging. The battery in situ on the truck, which also enables recharging without reverse polarity, safely and quickly.

This is good for the working schedules and good for the battery. If the high-frequency on-board charging option is not selected Linde offers five optional methods of rapid battery changing to suit your individual requirements.

For further details on how the Linde Energy Challenge can help your business, please call 0845 608 5000 or email energychallenge@linde-mh.co.uk .