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Safety Features and Innovations

Whatever your material handling needs, Linde's comprehensive approach and portfolio of safety products and services is designed around you.

Our holistic, preventative approach ensures safety is built in to every truck. Whether it's ensuring we help you to meet workplace regulations or securing the safety of your operators, with our extensive range of innovative products, features and services we aim to meet your needs.

Safety is not an afterthought at Linde but is inherent in the design of our trucks and solutions. We have specific features on individual models and a number of common safety elements that span across our whole range.

Here is just a taste of some of our safety innovations:

Dynamic Mast Control

The Linde Dynamic Mast Control system automatically compensates and minimises mast oscillations and mast deflection through precise and seamless counter-movements of the reach carriage.

This system minimises waiting times and allows operators to store loads faster with more safety and accuracy.


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Linde Safety Pilot

This unique innovative feature is only available from Linde.

Via an 8” LCD screen in the operator's workstation, the Linde Safety Pilot helps the operator to control the work equipment safely and helps to avoid dangerous situations, minimising the risk of an accident and improving occupational safety.


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Linde BlueSpot and RedSpot

Unique to Linde, this feature is a visual driving path warning device which enhances safety both in trucking aisles as well as intersections between aisles and pedestrian walkways.

Linde Curve Assist

Linde's electronic system reduces traction speed automatically depending on steering angle resulting in perfectly safe cornering manoeuvres every time. Uniquely, this system is fitted as standard to both engine and electric counterbalance trucks as well as reach, pallet trucks, pallet stackers and tractors in the Linde range.

Truck speed can also be controlled electronically to match customer site speed limits. In addition Linde offer three performance modes which again can restrict the truck acceleration and speed as well as lift performance to reduce overall energy consumption. Zoned speed control can also be offered.

Linde panoramic high vision armoured glass

The new Linde reach trucks can be equipped with a panoramic toughened glass roof which provides an unobstructed upward view and also protects the operator from falling objects.

It was this innovative feature that helped the R14-R20 reach truck win the 2014 Safety Award from the FLTA.

Linde SpeedAssist

Using the latest ultrasonic sensing technology, Linde SpeedAssist helps to prevent accidents by automatically reducing the maximum allowed traction speed in high risk areas such as warehouses and factory floors.

Intended primarily for indoor/outdoor applications, the system works by detecting the presence of a ceiling.

When working outside, full traction speed is available. On entering a building the ceiling is detected, and the truck speed restricted to a predefined maximum.


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For further information on our safety features and innovations, please download download our comprehensive safety brochure (PDF, 1,7 MB) .