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Linde MH launches its revamped Linde H40 to H50 product line


Outside, a new look – inside, more economical and convenient

At the CeMAT trade fair in Hannover, Linde Material Handling (Linde MH) is launching an updated version of the Linde H40 to H50 IC trucks with 4 to 5 tonnes load capacity. For the first time, the trucks feature a displacement pump for the lifting hydraulic system, which, on the one hand, allows energy consumption to be further reduced by up to 18 percent and, on the other hand, enables the trucks to operate more quietly, especially when lifting loads.

The displacement pump, which is used in Linde forklifts as well as in mobile work machines, is a development by Linde-Hydraulics, a subdivision of Linde MH. The operator’s workstation is equipped with a new comfortable air-sprung seat and a new armrest, with optional active ventilation for the seat and back areas. The appearance of the product line has also been improved, with the new models featuring the current truck design for Linde forklifts.

Thanks to their precisely adjusted driving hydraulics, IC trucks from the Linde brand are amongst the most economical and high-performant in the entire industry. This is primarily due to the Linde hydrostatic drive, which ensures optimal energy efficiency thanks to the continuous transmission and the electrical truck controls. With the newly developed displacement pump for the lifting hydraulic system, a further crucial contribution has been made to reduce energy consumption. Previously an internal gear pump with constant oil supply volume was used for power transmission, but now this is done by an axial piston pump with variable supply volumes.

Lifting speed and motor speed are no longer dependent on one another. In particular during lifting movements without a load, the electronically adjustable pump reduces the motor speed and thus also the fuel consumption. The noise during lifting is also reduced. Deliberate 'oversizing' of the pump also means that a very low speed is sufficient to move the lift mast upwards without a nominal load.



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