United Kingdom

The new Linde Roadster: A clearer perspective on safety.


Linde Material Handling has launched the new Linde Roadster, a range of trucks designed to maximise field of view and safety to operators.

The E30 Roadster was on display for the first time in the UK at IMHX in September on Linde’s main stand of the NEC.

The Roadster is an alternative configuration which applies to models E20 to E50R to increase visibility by removing the A-pillar and replacing the metal overhead guard roof with a high strength safety glass panel for increased visibility when you’re stacking loads. Overhead tilt cylinders absorb the forces acting on the mast during operation and direct them backwards via the overhead guard frame.

A curved steel tube behind the steering column and dashboard serves as a boarding aid and allows the mounting of optional equipment such as a terminal, display for the Linde Safety Pilot assistance system or clipboard.

David Bowen, product manager at Linde UK, said: “Whether operators are stacking loads at height or moving loads around a site - the increased visibility of the roadster through the mast and upwards through the glass roof enhances safety and productivity.”

Suited for indoor use with an open cabin, most options from the conventional models in this range are available.



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