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The new standard. Linde H20 – H50 EVO

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Video Linde Hydrostatic Drive:

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Efficient, cutting edge technology. The new Linde H20 – H50 EVO has arrived.

Rarely before have we seen so many features added as part of a model upgrade as with the new generation Linde H20 – H50 EVO: Common rail diesel engine, new variable displacement pump, Curve Assist, ergonomically optimised driver's seat, LEPS engine monitoring system — all of these features and a great deal more can be found in our new truck model as standard.

At a glance:

  • New engine technology as standard delivering values below those required under the more stringent exhaust gas standards in effect from 2013
  • New, low-noise variable displacement pump. Saves between 10 and 28% on fuel
  • Curve Assist. Automatic speed adjustment on corners
  • Linde Engine Protection System fitted as standard. Prevents major damage to the engine, reduces costly downtime and idle time
  • Ergonomic workspace design featuring the new-generation seat and armrest

High time, then, to make savings using the full array of features.

And best of all, with the new edition of our success model, the Linde H20 – H50, you are optimally equipped to meet the more stringent environmental regulations in effect from 2013.

Lower emissions

Bringing together environmental friendliness and cost efficiency, comfort and performance: The Linde H20 – H50 has been setting the standard in its truck category for a number of years now. With the latest model, which has undergone extensive improvements, the bar has once again been set considerably higher for the competition.

The best example of this is in the common rail diesel engine fitted as standard.

By drawing on this technology, you will achieve values on average some 69% below the emissions limits in force from 2013.

Thus making the model the cleanest diesel truck ever manufactured by Linde.

More efficient

The precise and extremely durable Linde hydrostatic drive system has made the H20 – H50 Europe's top-selling truck. Now, a new variable displacement pump has been developed especially for the lifting hydraulics. By using this pump, the number of engine revolutions required per minute drops by up to 1200 — even at the maximum lifting speed.

Producing the same effect with significantly reduced effort. Thanks to this technology, you can make energy savings of up to 28% with every lifting operation.

More reliable

The innovative Linde Engine Protection System (LEPS) is fitted as standard equipment in the new generation of truck. If key truck parameters are not met or are exceeded, a message will appear in the truck display. In critical situations, the truck will automatically revert to creeping mode before serious engine damage is sustained.

Even with the most reliable truck, physical limits apply that no driver should exceed.

The new "Curve Assist" truck function automatically adjusts the speed on corners when necessary.

With the Linde H20 – H50 EVO, you can reach the limits of performance with ease. But never go beyond these limits.

More ergonomically sound

Progress has rarely been this comfortable. Simple weight adjustment. Improved seat pressure distribution. Choice of mechanical suspension or air suspension. Conveniences previously reserved for bigger trucks are now available as standard for use in this truck category. For even better performance and less absence caused by illness.

The newly designed armrests with improved Linde load control can easily be adapted for any body size using the single-point adjustment mechanism. The armrest also features a practical compartment for storing wallets, keys, mobile phones, etc.

More economic

TÜV-certified performance tests verify the superiority of Linde trucks when it comes to technology and efficiency. With the new generation Linde H20 –H50 EVO, this superiority is evident more than ever before.

We would be happy to personally introduce you to the best Linde H20 – H50 there has ever been. Visit us and see for yourself: This truck may not be the cheapest, but it is without a doubt the most efficient in its class.

Savings you can measure. The powerful handling performance of a modern Linde truck reduces costs by up to 20%.